Hai Heli Expo - Las Vegas, NV – February 27th through March 1st, 2018

We are excited to be a part of the HAI Heli Expo in Las Vegas this year where we will be showing a sampling of our Aviation Search & Rescue Equipment.
Life Support International serves the Law Enforcement, Military, Special Operations, Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, Coast Guard and First Responder Markets. LSI offers a wide range of protective and survival equipment which meets the requirements of most Law Enforcement Aviators.

New for Pilots & Flight Crew
This year we will be featuring new ISAM kits. Suited for pilots & crew, the ISAM puts all necessary survival aids in an extremely small lightweight modules designed to fit any aircrew pouch.
The ISAM is designed with modern upgraded survival aids. By splitting the kit into 2 modules: Medical & Survival enables ALSE Personnel ease of management & long term cost reduction The Medical module has 4 year shelf life while the Survival module has no shelf life.
The contents of the ISAM were thoroughly reviewed and independently tested by the 160th Special Operations SOAR(A).
The ISAM Kits is just one example of Mission Specific/Operation specific product design and configuration. LSI is uniquely positioned to configure survival & rescue equipment (military or equal) specific to our customers' needs.

LSI Booth: N1322

Billy Pugh Search & Rescue Nets
Billy Pugh Nets offer a safe means of pick-up and transport of personnel and or survivors by helicopter. The Billy Pugh Helicopter Rescue Net has been proved effective by airborne Search & Rescue Crews around the world with hundreds of lives saved. Life Support International (LSI) and Billy Pugh Company, Inc, (BPC) have over 30 years’ experience in the production of life saving equipment. Billy Pugh Nets offer a safe means of pick-up and transport of personnel and or survivors by helicopter. Designed for use in the harshest environments, Billy Pugh Nets can be used on land or in water. The design and construction of the net allows for compact, easy storage in most helicopters. Various models are available, offering different configurations in size, flotation, and folding capabilities. We also can provide you with option equipment that may be required: Long Lines, Yoke Bands, Primary Suspension Sling & Cargo Hook Backup, Connecting Hardware, Storage Bags, etc. LSI prides itself with OEM relationships; LSI is the exclusive distributor for the Billy Pugh Co.