SHOUT ts - Handheld Iridium® Tracker

LSI Product ID: com-1000-00

The SHOUT ts is a handheld, global, two-way satellite messaging and personal
tracking device. It utilizes Iridium® short burst data (SBD) services to provide
location information determined by a GPS reciever, two-way inbound and outbound
status, text messaging, and emergency alert notifications.


+ Pocket-sized, self-contained satellite tracker powered by the Iridium® network.

+ Truly global coverage compatible with Iridium Certus.

+ Ultra-low power consumption.

+ 256-AES encryption on all outbound and inbound data (FIPS 140-2 Compliant).

+ High resolution resistive touch screen with a simple user interface.

+ A single charge can provide a position report every hour for up to two
months (~1,500 Reports).

+ Pre-programmed canned and free-text messaging options.

+ IP67 rated variant available (LSI P/N: COM-1010-00).