Life Raft, HARD-7™

HARD-7™ Life Raft System gives total protection of onboard life raft for helicopters or fixed wing applications. Unique Bulkhead Mount/Release System enables deployment by 1 person with single point release.

LSI Product ID: flo-3320-ad

The HARD-7™ is a unique Life Raft System, designed to give total protection of onboard life raft, and rigged for air drop capability, enabling the aircrew to use the raft for rescue of others in the water. The concept was initially designed with the US Army Special Forces 160th Unit for installation onto MH-60 Blackhawk and MH-47 Chinhook helicopters (however the HARD™ raft can be easily modified for other applications). The hard shell canister features a unique bulkhead Mount/Release system, enabling deployment by one-person with single point release. The Mount/Release system consists of spring activated Latch, and Set Pin, activated by pulling on the Release Handle.

  • RUGGED Polyethylene Canister- The canister is constructed of impact resistant thermo formed polyethylene, and features ribbed construction, heavy wall aluminum valance with dust seal, 2 Heavy duty black spring bail handles, interior rigid foam set with coutout for life raft, resulting in an extremely rugged case for transporting the Life raft. Canister Dimensions: 37" x 12" x 9 ½"
  • LIFE RAFT (Various Sizes) - The system can accomodate most style Life rafts, up to 8 person capacity, vacuum packaged for long term cycle & reduced maintenance cycle. US military applications include Mil-Spec rafts. Commercial applications include FAA approved raft.
  • STATIC DEPLOYMENT SYSTEM - The system incorporates a 15 ft. Static Line for purpose of Static Air Drop from helicopter. The Static Line "slug" is uniquely stowed inside the Case, eliminating line foul up.
  • MANUAL INFLATION - Located on the end of the raft is a Manual Inflation Handle, permitting direct inflation of the Life Raft. A safety strap enclosure pocket prevents inadvertent inflation.
  • POSITIVE RETRIEVAL LINE BAG KIT- An optional accessory 75 ft. floating retrieval line is interconnected between the life raft and a water activated float marker. The positive Retrieval deployment method ensures that the survivors are able to retrieve the life raft when it is dropped, particularly in heavy seas and high winds. (Note: This is an optional accessory)

NOTE: Air dropping of the life raft only applies if the life raft is being carried as piece of Rescue Equipment. It does not apply (and may not be dropped survivors) if the life raft is being carried on the aircraft iaw - FAA.CAA/JAA or NATOPS regulations as a required of emergency equipment.


  • Life Raft, 4 to 8 person capacity (U.S. Mil-spec or FAA raft as required)
  • Overall outside dimension: 37" L x 12 1/2" W x 9 1/2" H
  • Capable of airdrop from helicopter to persons in water from altitude of 30' to 100'
  • Capable of deployment by one-person via single point release
  • Overall weight not to exceed 65 lbs. (Life raft size dependent)
  • Easily transported by 1 person (Handles mounted on case).
  • Life Raft is protected from exposure to foreign matter, abrasions & punctures.
  • (optional) Life Raft Vacuum Packaged to decrease maintenance cycles & maintenance costs.
  • Life Raft can be removed/installed in Aircraft without the use of special tools, by two persons.
  • Life Raft suspension system will withstand a 30-G load force on all axis: Vertical, Horizontal & Lateral.
  • Life Raft will store in overhead location of H-60 without degrading performance of aircraft operation or completion of mission requirements.
  • Installation on Aircraft will not adversely affect Weight & Balance.
  • Life Raft Canister finished to maximize or minimize visibility as required (Reflective tape optional).
  • Life Raft Canister markings clearly identify how to operate the raft for manual deployment.