Life Preserver, MK-46 PA™

An integrated life preserver/survival system, designed to interface with standard military emergency back parachutes such as the 50C7024 series parachutes, including: BA-18, BA-22, BA-25 & BA-27. Will right the subject face up in less than 5 seconds.

LSI Product ID: flo-4507-00

The MK-46 PA™ is an integrated life preserver/ survival system, designed to interface with standard military emergency back parachutes such as the 50C7024 series parachutes, including; BA-18, BA-22, BA-25 and BA-27. The MK-46 PA™ provides the pilot with complete flotation protection and incorporates a survival equipment pocket system that will not interfere with the normal or emergency operation of the parachute, while permitting clear view of parachute release fittings, manual ripcord, and the automatic parachute release handles at all times.

The life preserver is available with either an automatic or manual inflation system, which can be matched to the users specific operational requirements. The yoke style life preserver incorporates a dual chambered 55 lb. inflatable cell. There is no interference with head mobility or parachute deployment around the back of the neck of the crewman.

The survival equipment pockets are removable and adjustable for individual size preference and cockpit constraints. A holster is also provided so that an aviator can wear a 9mm side arm along with the ability to carry a survival radio and essential survival accessories*. An integrated lifting becket with padded waist belt is provided to facilitate proper rescue without injury. The MK-46 PA™ is universally sized, adjustable for 5th to 95th percentile body size spectrum.

The MK-46 PA™ life preserver will right the subject to face up position in less than 5 seconds and provides freeboard mouth clearance and torso positioning. Each independent chamber provides 55 pounds of buoyancy.

Detailed Parts Breakdown:
Qty Description
1 Bladder Assembly, Dual Cell
1 Collar Assembly
1 Padded Waist Belt
1 Radio Pocket
1 Equipment Pocket
1 Holster
2 CO2 Cylinder, 25 gram
2 Automatic Inflator
2 Manual Inflator (Optional)
1 Water Activated Light
1 Integrated Lifting Becket
1 Buddy Lanyard
Maximum Buoyancy per Cell 55 lbs
Style Yoke
Number of Chambers 2
Total Weight 2.9 pounds
Method(s) of Inflation 1
Automatic Inflation 2 (available either single or dual point)
Manual Inflation (Optional) 3
Oral inflation (Standard) -
Total Buoyancy 55 lbs
CO2 Cylinder, 2 each 25 grams each
Cell Material Urethane-coated Nylon
Bladder Color International Orange (high visibility)
Material, Outer Protective Cover Neoprene-coated Nylon
Color Sage Green
Total Weight 3.25 lbs