Parachute, NB-8

LSI Product ID: par-5310-5311-5312

The NB-8 Personnel Parachute Assembly is a back type parachute assembly which includes a 28-foot diameter, flat, nylon canopy with 28 gores. The canopy is packed in a container assembly which is secured to the aircrewman's back by a harness assembly.

The basic configuration is ordered through LSI as either an NB-8R (regular), part number PAR-5310-00, or an NB-8O (oversize), LSI part number PAR-5311-00, the difference being the size of the harness.The other configurations are variations of the basic configuration with the addition of a seat cushion or seat pan assembly and a standard soft pack, which can be procured separately.

Note: The Automatic Actuator, military reference 711-07022-34, is a Model 7000 and is procured separately, however when used in conjunction with the NB-8 Assembly the complete assembly part number is PAR-5312-00, military reference 569AS100-1.

  • LSI P/N: PAR-5310-00 - NB-8 Regular Sized Harness
  • LSI P/N: PAR-5311-00 - NB-8 Oversized Harness
  • LSI P/N: PAR-5312-00 - NB-8 Harness with Auto Act.

Detailed Parts Breakdown
LSI P/N Description
Military Reference
PAR-5310-00 Parachute Assembly, Regular 60A113D1-7
PAR-5311-00 Parachute Assembly, Oversized 60A113D1-8
PAR-5310-01 Parachute Assembly, Pilot 60A125E16-1
PAR-5310-02 Canopy Assembly 60A113E5-1
PAR-5310-03 Harness Assembly, Regular 60A113E3-1
PAR-5311-03 Harness Assembly, Oversized 60A113E4-1
PAR-5310-04 Ripcord Assembly 60A113D7-1
PAR-5310-05 Pad Assembly, Back 60A113D6-1
PAR-5310-06 Container Assembly 60A113E2-51