Parachute Assembly, MK-H7 / NES-8

LSI Product ID: par-6500-00-6501-00

The MK-H7 (US Air Force) and NES-8 (US Navy) Parachute systems are utilized in the F-4 Phantom aircraft, and is integrated into a Martin-Baker ejection seat. The pilot/R.I.O wears a torso style parachute harness, either MA-2 (US Navy configuration) or PCU-15 (USAF configuration), which integrates with the parachute system when the pilot/R.I.O straps into the aircraft.

The parachute is deployed automatically upon ejection and is controlled by a time-release mechanism that senses time & G-forces. When conditions are correct, two smaller drogue parachutes stabilize the pilot seat and control deployment of the main canopy.
Type LSI P/N User
MK-H7 PAR-6501-00 US Air Force P/N: 32-821552-313
NES-8 PAR-6500-00 US Navy P/N: 574AS107-3

Description Units/Assy LSI P/N USAF P/N US Navy P/N
Parachute,Assembly, Personnel, NES-8, U.S. Navy Configuration, Main Type PAR-6501-00 574AS107-3
Parachute,Assembly, Personnel, MK-H7,
U.S. Air Force Main Type
PAR-6501-00 32-821552-313
Vent Line, Pull Down 2 PAR-6500-01 69C128 755AS107-1
Canopy Assembly, NES-8 1 PAR-6500-02 60A113E5-18
Canopy Assembly, MK-H7 1 PAR-6501-02 50E6877-3
Line,,Suspension (Nylon Cord MIL-C-55400, Type III, Bulk Only) 14 PAR-6501-02-1 42G2003-2 755AS107-1
Lanyard, NES-8, Four Line Release 2 PAR-6500-02-2 666AS101-6
Lanyard, MK-H7, Line Jettison 2 PAR-6501-02-2 68C130
Loop 2 PAR-6501-02-3 32-821552-77
Link Assembly, Connector 4 PAR-6500-03 MS22021-1 MS22021-1
Harness Assembly, Riser-Shoulder 1 PAR-6500-04 32-821552-83
Riser, R.H. 1 PAR-6500-04-01 755AS104-20 755AS104-17
Riser, L.H. 1 PAR-6500-04-02 755AS104-19 755AS104-16
Tab Assembly 2 PAR-6500-04-03 32-821566-7 MS27980-7B/8B
Flute, 4-Line Jettisoning System 1 PAR-6500-04-4 32-821552-73 666AS102-4
Retainer, Ripcord Grip 2 PAR-6500-04-5 67C110-1 755AS119-1
Adapter* 2 PAR-6500-05 015-10945-1 015-10307-5
Strap, Connector Riser 1 PAR-6500-06 32-821552-57 677AS100-2
Withdrawl Line 1 PAR-6500-07 MBEU4990PA MBEU12247PA
Ripcord Assembly 1 PAR-6500-08 32-821552-87 755AS110-1
Container Assy, Parachute 1 PAR-6500-10 7947311-10 755AS102-1
Parachute, Pilot 4 PAR-6500-11 32-821552-15 755AS105-1
Band, Pack Opening 2 PAR-6500-12 C252 60A113D11-7
Strap, Restraint 2 PAR-6500-13 MBEU5223PA 755AS106-1
Riser, Restraint 2 PAR-6500-14 32-821568-1
Screw (AP) 2 PAR-6500-15 AN525-83R11
2Washer (AP) 2 PAR-6500-16 AN960PD10
Line Assembly 1 PAR-6500-17 32-821552-13