Signal Flare, 12-Gauge 4-PACK

12 GAUGE High performance Red Aerial Signals

LSI Product ID: sig-2046-rd

AID Model: 539

4 aerial signals provided in waterproof resealable bag. 6 - 4 packs per case.  12 gauge HP red aerial flares are USCG approved as a day or night signal. Altitude up to 500 feet, brightness up to 16,000 candela, and burn time up to 7 seconds each.  USCG APPROVED FOR DAY OR NIGHTTIME SIGNAL.

  • Item Number: SIG-2046-RD
  • Weight:4 OZ
  • Dimensions:4.4 X 6 X 1
  • Packages Per Carton:6
  • Dot Class:1.4G UN0403
  • Net Explosive Weight:26 grams per pack
  • Ex Number:EX2004110275
  • USCG Approved