Survivor Locator Beacon, ProFIND SLB1000

Versatile Survivor Locator Beacon. Designed for use in aircrew survival kits and life vests. Rugged Construction withstands demanding conditions. Certified to -40 degrees Celsius operation and waterproof. Accurate to better than 100 meters within minutes of activation. Built-in self-test functions.

LSI Product ID: sig-7038-00

RUGGED -  Developed for demanding environmental standards; designed to withstand a plane crash impact and resulting fire and crushing.  Waterproof to 25 meters.
EASY TO USE - Designed for use with either hand, with or without gloves.  Flip open the cover and press ACTIVATE - visual indications of active transmission and GPS fix are provided.  It can be switched off, and reactivated by pressing ACTIVATE again.  It is also optionally equipped with an auto-activation lanyard, which can be attached to an ejection seat or life vest.
ACCURATE - The embedded GPS receiver provides location accuracy to better than 100 meters within five minutes of activation; the GPS position is embedded in the 406 MHz distress message.
CERTIFIED - Meets the RTCA DO-183 and DO-204 environmental standards for a type (S) ELT to meet the demands of an air environment.  Cospas-Sarsat certified as a CLASS 1 beacon for operation between -40°C to +55°C for 24 hours.
VERSATILE - The 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz frequencies offer homing on both the international civilian frequency and the military frequency; stowable antenna allows the beacon to be carried in a survival kit or worn by the flight crew.
EASILY TESTED - Test button can be depressed causing the beacon to run a set of self-tests; the self-test checks the battery, indicators, GPS receiver, and the transmitters, and provides a visual indication of test activation, as well as pass or fail.
EASILY MAINTAINED - Batteries last five years in storage and can be quickly changed by replacing the lower housing.

  • FREQUENCY: 406.028 MHz
  • POWER: 5W ±2dB
  • MODULATION: Phase modulation ±1.1 Radians
  • STABILITY: Full compliance with Cospas-Sarsat specification
  • FREQUENCY: 121.5 and 243.0 MHz
  • POWER: 100mW minimum
  • MODULATION: Amplitude modulation, swept down between 1300 Hz and 500 Hz, 3 Hz sweep rate
  • TRAINING: Both frequencies have offset capability to any designated training frequencies
  • CHANNELS: 12
  • ACCURACY: < 100m
  • TIME TO FIRST FIX: < 5 minutes
  • ACTIVATION: One-hand (left or right) gloved operation; Auto-activation lanyard
  • ENDURANCE: 24 hrs at -40°C
  • ANTENNA: 30cm flexible antenna (stowable)
  • CONTROLS:  Activate, Off, Test
  • INDICATORS: Transmit, GPS Fix, Test Pass, Test Fail