Flashlight, X-Micro Personal Safety

Micro LED personal safety light with 4 safety beacons and Signal/Morse Code mode. Instant full power on/off, single button operation that glows in the dark, Quick Release Ring, Easy Battery Replacement. Comes with Life Support International logo.

LSI Product ID: sig-7149-00

All New X-Micro Personal Safety Flashlight features LRI's exclusive Freedom digital circuitry to provide intuitive one-button access to full range adjustable brightness plus four safety strobe functions. White LED beam only.

  • Smart Circuitx-light micro led personal safety light
  • Electronic, instant full power on/off at any time
  • Full range brightness control
  • 4 Safety beacons: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS
  • Signal / Morse Code mode
  • Single Button Operation - Even with gloves
  • Button Glows in the Dark
  • Quick Release Ring - Reliably attaches to gear
  • Tough polycarbonate case
  • Easy Battery Replacement - Energizer Lithium batteries provide long lasting service even in sub-zero temperatures
  • 12+ hour battery life
  • Made in USA - from US & foreign parts