Survival Kit, Icarus Base Kit (Temperate)

Named for the legendary Icarus who fastened feathers to his arms with wax and flew too close to the sun, this kit is for those in general, commercial and corporate aviation who want to be prepared if they find themselves stranded in remote location awaiting recovery by civil SAR agencies. The unique modular design lets you select the environment(s) that you will be flying over and the number of persons the kit must support so that you will, "have what you need to survive!"

LSI Product ID: sur-6017-00

AID Model: KI1it

Buy the base model and add modules for cold climates / mountainous terrain or arid climates / desert terrain.  The base kit and modules are designed to help support two people each.  If you need more coverage, buy the  2-person add-on modules for the appropriate climate.  The base kit is designed to help support up to two-persons in a temperate climate.

This kit can help you comply with FAR Part 91 and Part 121 requirements

• Far Part 91 requirment (§ 91.509 Survival equipment for over water operations subparagraph (e)) "A survival kit, appropriateley equipped for teh route to be flown, must be attactched to each required life raft"

• FAR Part 121 requirement (§ 121.353 Emergency equipment operations over uninhabited terrain areas:  Flag ,supplemental, and certain domestic operations subparagraph (c)) "Enough survival kits, approximately equipped for the route to be flown for the number of occupants of the airplane."

• FAR Part 121 requirement (§ 121.339 Emergency equipment for extended over-water operations subparagraph (c)) " A survival kit, approximately equipped for the route to be flown, must be attached to each required life raft."  It is also just good sense to have survival equipment suitable for the terrain below and the number of persons onboard every aircraft.



Item  Quantity
Chem-Light  1
Mirror, StarFlash 1
Micro, Light White 1
Whistle, Classic w/strap Orange  1


Item Quantity
Bag, Survival  1
Blanket, Foil   2
Sewing Kit 1


Item Quantity
Micropur Tablets 10
Mainstay Water Packet 4
Canteen Cup 1


Item Quantity
Fishing Kit 1
Candy 6
Bouillon Cube, Chicken 1
Bouillon Cube, Beef 1


Item Quantity
Spark-Lite w/ 8 Tinder 1
Tinder, WetFire 2


Item Quantity
Tape, Flag 5ft
Compass, Ball 1


Item Quantity
Waterproof Pouch 1
Knife, Swiss Army 1
Cord, Nylon 20ft
Aluminum 1

First Aid

Item Quantity
Waterproof Pouch 5 x 7 1
PVP Prep Pad 4
Towelettes, Soap 3
Adhesive Bandages 5
Butterfly Bandages 5
Flex Bandages 2
Knuckle Bandages 1
Eye Patch 1
Non-Stick Pad 2
Dental Floss Card 1
Hydrocirtisone Cream 2
Ointment, Triple Antibiotic 5
Ointment, Burn 1
Motrin IB 2
Tylenol 2
Imodium 3
Safety Pin 5
Sun Stick, Reflect SPF 22 1
Tape, Medical 1
Tweezer 1
Snake Bite Kit 1