Survival Kit, Icarus (Arid / Desert +2)

Named for the legendary Icarus who fastened feathers to his arms with wax and flew too close to the sun, this kit is for those in general, commercial and corporate aviation who want to be prepared if they find themselves stranded in remote location awaiting recovery by civil SAR agencies. The unique modular design lets you select the environment(s) that you will be flying over and the number of persons the kit must support so that you will, "have what you need to survive!"

LSI Product ID: sur-6017-02

AID Model: MI2id

This module should be used in conjuction with the Icarus Base Kit and the Arid / Desert Module if coverage is needed for up to two additional people (3-4 soul aboard, additional modules should be used based on aircraft capacity) for flights over arid climates or desert terrain.


Item Quantity
SunSect SPF 15              2

Item Quantity
Mainstay, Water Packets  4
Tubing Superthane 5

Item Quantity
Cord, Nylon MIL-C-5040    20ft

NOTE: Use in conjuction with the base temperate module