Survival Kit, TASK-J, Tactical Aircraft Survival Kit (Jungle Module)

Add the Jungle Module to the basic TASK and deploy to a jungle/tropical environment with confidence!

LSI Product ID: sur-6020-00


The TASK Jungle Module (TASK-J) is designed to suppliment the basic Tactical Aircraft Survival Kit for use in tropical or jungle environments where extra consideration must be given to protection from precipitation, fungus and insects. It's handy modular design allows ALSE personnel to easily add and remove the module for deployment and re-deployment without repacking the entire survival kit. Commanders and logisticians will find it helpful in managing an overextended budget too because you only need to buy the modules for the area in which you will be operating.

Note: This kit is specifically designed to supplement the Air Warrior System and is not complete without the contents of it.  For this reason, we do not recommend it if you do not carry the Air Warrior System.

Weight: Approx. 1 lb.

Lightweight (less than 10 pounds without water)
Compact (no bulky hard shell case)
Accesible (within reach of user)
Customizable (MOLLE system allows addition of pouches)
Logistical Ease (issue to crewman with other flight gear & avoid - 17 accountability headaches and hassles with daily issue & inventory; serialized; includes a master list of expirables!)
Portable (one man, hand-carry while deploying or evading)
Modular (issue one per crewman to have sufficient equipment onboard regardless of airframe or crew size changes)
Convenient (comes fully packed and ready to deploy, extra payload negates need for additional
No Pyrotechnics (carry signal devices on commercial aircraft and never worry about you pyro going off in the cockpit)
Replenishable Water Supply (100oz reservoir with purification tabs allows refill from most any source - fill and continue evading knowing you are drinking purified water)

KIT CONTENTS (Jungle Module):
Personal Protection
Item Quantity
Bag, Black 1
Net, Head 1

Item  Quantity
Tinder, WeFire 2

Item Quantity
Fishing Kit, Military 1

Item  Quantity 
Waterproof Pouch  1

First Aid
Item  Quantity
Cohesive Bandage 1
Eye Patch 1
Tweezers 1
Ointment, Hydrocortisone 5
Ointment, Triple Antibioric 5