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Safety, Survival, & Rescue Equipment

Serving the world's Aviation, Marine, and Tactical communities, Life Support International (LSI) is a unique company specializing in providing the finest Safety, Survival Accessories, Search & Rescue, and Protective Clothing available on the market today. LSI is both a manufacturer & distributor of US Mil-Spec, FAA & USCG approved life support equipment.

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Our Team

Greg Yerkes

Owner and Preident

Greg Yerkes is the Owner and President of Life Support International. Over the past two decades, Greg has been involved in nearly every facet of LSI’s infrastructure organization. Under his leadership, LSI has grown in size and scope, and continues to establish itself as a leading provider of innovative, cutting-edge solutions for survival.

LSI’s unique life support solutions are designed for U.S. & foreign militaries, major airframe manufacturers and airborne special operations units. The breadth of LSI projects ranges from developing highly specialized ejection seat survival systems for NATO trainer aircrafts, creating a unique space survival kit for NASA and designing a large capacity Airdrop Search and Rescue system for the Boeing P-8A Poseidon. LSI utilized its superior customer service and engineering support for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment by redesigning and streamlining their entire ALSE suite including all the flotation, survival and medical equipment carried on their aircraft and additionally, individual flight crew member ALSE ensemble.

Greg is a sustaining member of the SAFE Association, and previously served on the Executive Board of the East Coast Chapter, an international organization dedicated to ensuring personal safety and protection in land, sea, air and space environments. Greg is also an industry member of Army Aviation Association of America (QUAD-A), National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), Helicopter Association International (HAI) and Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA).

Greg holds a BS in Labor & Industrial Relations from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the award-winning Aerospace and Defense program from the University of Tennessee.

Christina Belmonte-Foster

Vice President

Vice President, Christina Belmonte-Foster, oversees sales and customer service. She is also responsible for the fiscal management of LSI’s company operations, providing leadership and coordination of the strategic administrative, planning, sales and marketing efforts.

Chris has over 35 years of experience in the Military Aviation industry, and at LSI, she specializes in the sourcing and marketing of military safety, survival and rescue equipment to the International Military community. She plays an integral role in maintaining select supplier status and relationships with agents, customers and OEMs. She has extensive knowledge in U.S. Air Force., U.S. Navy and U.S. Army technical manuals, export regulations and approvals, and the U.S. Government’s DOD solicitations and contract management. Additionally, Chris manages purchasing, FAA FAR 145, ISO and AS9100 quality management standards.

Chris is a sustaining member of the SAFE Association, and previously served on the Executive Board of the East Coast and National Chapters`. Chris is also an industry member of Helicopter Association International (HAI) and Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA).

Chris holds a BS in Economics and Business Management from The Sage Colleges, and maintains a FAA Repairman Certificate for the Maintenance, Repair & Packing of Emergency Equipment.

Peter Johnson

Director of Business Development and Programs

Director of Business Development and Programs, Peter Johnson oversees the development of new LSI military products, including the UNI-PAC III, an Air Drop Survival Kit for the Boeing P8 aircraft being qualified by the US Navy for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Peter brings over 30 years of experience in engineering, program management, operations and business development in the aviation industry to LSI. Peter manages the strategic development of new products, services and programs while also developing new customer relationships.

Peter is a member of the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), Canadian Association Defense and Security Industries (CADSI), Survival and Flight Safety Equipment Association (SAFE), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Parachute Industry Association (PIA).

Peter holds various Engineering qualifications from the UK, Canada and the USA.
In addition, he has worked upon Survival Systems and Parachute Systems for ejection seat programs with UPCO/Martin Baker, various Space programs with NASA/Space X/Blue Origin and military systems for the USA and offshore.

Kevin Wright

Operations and Quality Assurance Manager

Operations and Quality Assurance Manager, Kevin Wright, manages production, scheduling, and quality control to ensure that LSI clients receive functional and safe products in a timely fashion.

Kevin has nearly 33 years of experience in defense and aerospace operations management and manufacturing engineering. Kevin is responsible for the quality management of design, manufacturing and overall product compliance. He oversees production and streamlines the design to production transition. Kevin reviews all operating procedures and ensures that all of LSI’s products are compliant with customer and AS9100 regulatory requirements.

Kevin holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University, an MS in Industrial Management from Widener University, a Six Sigma Black belt and an AS9100 auditor certification.

Eric Skoglund

Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer, Eric Skoglund, is responsible for coordinating the design and development of LSI’s new products and maintaining and improving the configuration of legacy products.

His decade of experience in research and development, mechanical system design, planning, executing, reporting, and evaluating testing for the U.S. Army’s equipment and munitions make Eric an excellent Lead Engineer. In this role, Eric manages all design and development activities for new and legacy LSI products. He designs, models and executes technical drawings for both new and legacy products, and coordinates these tasks with LSI’s other engineers. Additionally, Eric oversees the assembly of developmental and prototype systems. He develops and reviews design and development plans, test and evaluation plans and various other customer and internal required documents. Primarily, Eric oversees the UNI-PAC III.

Eric holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Wilkes University and an MSE of Engineering degree from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Nicole Stefanoni

Domestic Sales Coordinator

Nicole Stefanoni serves as the Domestic Sales Coordinator of Life Support International. Since joining the LSI team in 2014, Nicole has worked across many departments in several capacities. Her inside-out familiarity with unique product offerings and the in-house engineering team’s processes allows her to manage the complete sales cycle from start to finish.    

As Domestic Sales Coordinator, Nicole responds to all customer needs within the U.S. and familiarize new organizations with LSI’s extensive offerings and capabilities. Nicole is particularly focused upon LSI’s custom solutions. Especially gratifying to Nicole are the daily reminders that she plays an integral role in keeping those who are helping others safe. 

Nicole was appointed as the 2019 SAFE Symposium Chair by the SAFE Association. This volunteer role within the Symposium Committee involves planning and facilitating SAFE’s annual event, which draws industry leaders from around the globe.

Nicole holds a BA in Counseling Psychology from Delaware Valley University. In addition, Nicole continues her education through regular industry continued education courses to better serve customers.