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Serving the world's Aviation, Marine, and Tactical communities, Life Support International (LSI) is a unique company specializing in providing the finest Safety, Survival Accessories, Search & Rescue, and Protective Clothing available on the market today. LSI is both a manufacturer & distributor of US Mil-Spec, FAA & USCG approved life support equipment.

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Maui Hawaii Relief Organizations

Our hearts are breaking as we watch the disaster happening in the beautiful town of Lahaina on the island of Maui.  As we struggle to comprehend the utter destruction, we must find ways to help in any way.  Here are links to reputable organizations helping people on Maui. For people on island, @windwardaviation is accepting non-perishable food, water, hygiene products, baby needs, and pet food. They are going to airlift these into Lahaina starting tomorrow. 

Mahalo for all the love, support, and prayers sent to Maui 🌺❤️

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LSI Sales Representative Christine Hussey summits Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Uhuro Peak, Tanzania, 19,341 Ft.
We did it! Curt, Karl and I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro and stood at 19,341ft around 10:30am local time on July 10. We awoke at 11pm on July 9th packed our packs grabbed some snacks and set out for the summit around midnight. The grueling 3.1 mile trek to Uhuru Peak was the most mentally, physically and emotionally challenging thing I have ever done. To say I am in awe of the boys is an understatement. Their drive, tenacity and dedication to fulfill what we set out to do was inspiring. When I struggled to take a step and wanted to quit, I recited the names of the women I climbed for - Andrea, Barbara, Beth, Caitlyn Ginger, Ginny Tokarski Ginny, Josie, Kathy, Mary, Trish, Mom and me. The angels mom made for me in honor of the above mentioned women, they carried me.

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Indian Navy deploys LSI UNI-PAC II SAR Kits to Help Chinese Navy

In a swift humanitarian action on 17 May #IndianNavy deployed its UNIPAC-II Search & Rescue assets in the Southern IOR approx 900 Nm from India, in response to sinking of a #Chinese Fishing Vessel Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 with 39 crew onboard. The crew included nationals from China, Indonesia & Philippines.

Full Story: bit.ly/43ZNW6T

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