Current Openings

We currently have two open positions please apply via email to - No Phone Calls.

1) Quality Assurance Engineer

2) Project Technician

For more details, please read below.




Position:   Quality Assurance Engineer


The Quality Assurance Engineer documents incoming material and process inspection plans, performs inspections as needed, plans and documents first article inspections, resolves material review board activities, and reviews engineering designs for quality concerns.  Using technical knowledge gained via witnessing and participating in build and test activities, creates new/updates existing documents as described above.  All duties performed by the Quality Engineer will be IAW LSI’s QMS and all procedures.                             


 Develop and record in-process inspection plans. Store plan documents per AS9100d system.

  1. Develop and record incoming inspection processes. Store plan documents per AS9100d system.
    1. Support operations by performing inspections on incoming material as needed
    2. Implement lot sampling techniques as required to streamline inspection operations
  • Develop and record incoming material test plans
    1. Work with key suppliers to develop best practice test plans
    2. Document and store developed test procedures IAW AS9100d system requirements
  1. Resolve and document discrepant material issues
    1. Chair the MRB and assure issues are resolved and documented
    2. Work with suppliers and engineering to achieve technical solutions to discrepant material
  • Continuously improve processes and procedures related to inspection documentation
  • Participate in engineering development process to assure compliance with quality needs
    1. Are suppliers / operators capable of achieving results?
    2. Are dimensions and part descriptions able to be inspected?
  • Work with key suppliers, understand their capabilities and limitations. Resolve issues
    1. Drive repeat failures to zero
    2. Interactively develop inspection and test plans to minimize need for incoming inspection
  • Develop First article inspection (FAI) plans as required by contracts
    1. Compliant with AS9102
    2. Work with key suppliers for FAI activities beyond LSI capabilities
  1. Continuously improve operations by reducing the need for inspection activities while improving quality.
    1. Effective implementation of lot sampling
    2. Effective implementation of source inspection
  2. Other duties as assigned                                                

Educational and Experience Requirements

  1. Required:
    1. Bachelor’s degree or better in an engineering discipline
    2. 5 years minimum experience holding Quality Assurance Engineering position in Defense, Aerospace or Manufacturing.
  1. Experience working in an ISO-9001 or similar Quality System 

Skills Required

 Proficient and Fluent in - Microsoft Excel, Adobe suite, ERP system operations, Quality database system operations

  1. Quality inspection and measurement
  2. Standing, walking, climbing and light lifting
  3. Technical communications with operators, engineers and supplier quality personnel
  4. Basic CAD experience, preferably Solidworks
  5. Ability to read and decipher engineering drawings
  6. Read and write in English
  7. Familiarity with common measuring tools – micrometer, calipers, CMM, Optical comparity
  8. Familiarity with common manufacturing equipment and practices

 Reports to:

 VP of Operations and Quality Assurance

 Policies defining execution of assigned duties

 Primary Procedures

SOP 7.3    Engineering Design

SOP 7.5    Control of Production Processes

SOP-750   Work Order Processing

SOP-751   Production Order Processing

SOP-752   Production Order Files and Records

SOP-753   Work Order Instructions

General Procedures

Document Control SOP-423

Competence and awareness SOP-622

Employee Manual


Position:    Project Technician 

Expectations will include, but not be limited to:

Test, Overhaul, Repair, Rig, Pack & Assemble all applicable Aviation Safety, Survival and Life Support equipment, in accordance with applicable Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Transportation (FAA) and OEM technical manuals, drawings, specifications as well as the LSI AS9100 Quality Management System (QMS).

General Duties:

  • Performs hands-on assembly of parts and pieces to create subassemblies and finished product. Use of fasteners (nuts, bolts, grommets, etc.), tying cord, and threads, etc.
  • Performs hands-on parts-prep and packing of survival & first aid kits and life preservers

After completion of in-house training, the following tasks may be performed:

  • Inspect, test and service high pressure gas cylinders
  • Perform inspection and assembly of medical and survival kits
  • Inspect, test, overhaul, repair and recertify DOD and FAA Life Rafts & Life Preservers
  • Vacuum pack rafts and first aid kit components.
  • Inspect, service, repair and recertify Search & Rescue kits, components, and accessories
  • Operate and maintain sewing equipment to join fabrics, tapes and webbing of dissimilar weights in accordance with engineering requirements.
  • Physical assembly tasks requiring standing, kneeling, sitting, lifting, manipulation of large assemblies, threading, and tightening line, and climbing ladders on Air droppable search and rescue equipment.

This is an in-house job. Remote work is not possible.

Educational and Experience Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • One-year experience in warehouse and assembly work (Preferred)

Skills Required

  • Technical awareness and detail oriented
  • Physical Strength – lifting, pulling, pushing, climbing
  • Familiarity with basic hand tools (Drills, Drives, Wrenches, saws, etc.)
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Communications and teamwork
  • Reading comprehension & Clear Writing (for filling out Forms & Inspection Cards)
  • Computer Skills - Microsoft Office Products, ERP system familiarity

Reports to:

  • Vice President of Operations and Quality

Benefit Conditions:

  • Only full-time employees eligible

This Job Is:

  • A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to apply

9/80 Work Schedule

  • We enjoy a 9/80 work schedule, which is a two-week schedule that divides 80 working hours amongst nine days, consisting of 8 nine-hour days, 1 eight-hour day, and provides every other Friday off. (Yes, we have 3 day weekends - every other week!) We believe this schedule increases our productivity and engagement and awards employees with more work-life balance.

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneous
  • Adaptable/flexible -- enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction
  • Works in a timely and accurate manner
  • Works well with others and maintains a positive attitude
  • Creative and presents Problem-Solving Skills
  • Positive Communication Skills
  • Hard-Working, Self-Sufficient, Motivated!