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Solutions for Survival

Engineering at LSI

LSI’s nimble, creative engineers design, prototype, test and produce solutions in-house. Our engineers come to LSI with significant experience in the aerospace industry and the Research and Development Centers of the U.S. Military. Their years of design, testing, and program management experience uniquely equip them to turn ideas into life-saving products.

For over 30 years, LSI has developed unique Aviation Aircrew Life Support Systems (ALSS) for a variety of customers; U.S. & foreign military, major airframe manufactures, airborne Special Operations units, etc. The breadth of our projects ranges from having developed highly specialized ejection seat survival systems for NATO trainer aircraft, providing Airborne Special Forces units with an air-droppable Life Raft system, developed unique space survival kits for NASA, designed an extreme state-of-the-art parachute Bailout system for the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer.

Providing Solutions for Survival for Over 30 Years

UNI-PAC II Air-Droppable Survival Kit
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The UNI-PAC II is a Multi-Mission Air Drop Kit packaged in a single, semi-rigid, adjustable cylindrical canister. It currently contains supplies and equipment, life raft, and self contained deployment system with integrated frontage line. UNI-PAC II can be configured for tail ramp deployment, bomb bay, or universal.

Global Flyer Emergency Bailout System
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Emergency Bailout System utilized by Steve Fosset in Global Flyer during world record breaking around the world flight completed on February 11, 2003. This system was designed and manufactured by Life Support International. The total pack size is 13” x 15” x 3”.

HARD™ Series Life Raft
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The HARD Life Raft System is designed to provide total protection of the on board life raft. It is rigged for air drop capability, enabling the aircrew to also use the life raft for rescues of others in water. The concept was initially designed for the U.S. Special Force 160th SOAR(A) on board MH-47 Chinook helicopter; however, the HARD Life Raft System can be easily modified for other aircraft applications.

High Altitude Wing Kit
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Based off Life Support International’s Skymaster UNI-PAC Series, the High-Altitude Wing Kit expands the product line to provide search and rescue solutions for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). UAV Systems are rapidly becoming critical vehicles for SAR operations via use of high-definition video and forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras. Available in three sizes: Falcon (1-4 persons), Osprey (4-6 persons), and Eagle (6-8 persons), the HAWK series can be customized to fit the requirements of each SAR mission. Providing 48hrs of survival equipment per person, the kit can be tailored for land, desert, water, or icy conditions.

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The  LSI MACK-5A Survival Kit is a modernization of the 30+ year legacy USAF/ACES II Survival Rucksack accompanied with the LRU-16P life raft used in various aircraft such as the A-10, F-15, F-16, F-22, B-1, and B-2. It is designed to accommodate the new GAU-5A Aircrew Self Defense Weapon (ASDW) and fit underneath the ejection seat.

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Exclusive contract to design and develop a unique Search and Rescue Kit for airdrop from P-8 Poseidon. Partners include: Commonwealth of Australia, Boeing, and the U.S. Navy.