Emergency Water Filtration, SEAL

LSI Product ID: emergency-water-filtration-seal

The SEAL is a portable emergency water filtration system. This single use pouch filters water through Forward Osmosis Filtration using a cellulose triacetate membrane (CTA) and a nutrient powder blend as an osmotic driver.



+ Pouch Dimensions: 181mm x 131mm
+ Pouches per Package: 4 pouches or 8 pouches
+ Package Weight: 308kg (4pack) & 580kg (8pack)

+ Volume: 230ml salt, 450ml fresh
+ Can be used in salt or fresh water
+ Salt Rejection: >94%
+ Metal Rejection: up to 99%
+ Time in Water: 6hr (86 F) to 8hr (68F)
+ Pore Size: 0.0007 Micron
+ Turbidity OK >1,000 ntu
+ Calories per Pouch: 200
+ Ingredients: Dextrose, fructose, monopotasium phosphate, salt, malic acid, tartaric acid.
+ Shelf Life: 5years
+ Single Use