Life Preserver, LPU-32/P

US Navy Transport Life Preserver

LSI Product ID: flo-2130-00

AID NSN: 4220-01-440-1573

AID Model: 3335AS101-1

Passengers & Troops, Heli & Transport Aircraft.
The LPU-32/P is a U.S. Navy, Twin Chamber yoke style inflatable life preserver for passenger and troop use in helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.  it is a low profile one-size fits all design which includes a survival pouch and survival items.

Made in USA

  • Two independent flotation chambers
  • Two oral tubes for secondary inflation
  • Beaded - handle manual inflators
  • FR Cover
  • FR Survival Pouch
  • Replacement Covers are available
  • One size fits all
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • 40 pounds of buoyancy
  • Replaced LPP-1/1A
  • NOMEX outer casing in sage green

NSN: 4220-01-440-1573
Model: 3335AS101-1
Buoyancy: 40 lbs
Inflation System: Two manual inflators and two MIL-C-601 Ty III 16 gram CO2 cylinders
Cover Fabric: FR Nomex (Cover and pouch)
Color: Sage Green
Surival Items: Sea-dye Marker, Whistle, and Chemlite