Life Raft, HARD-6

Rugged Canister, 6 Man Multi-Place Life Raft, integrated single-point release, static line and manual inflation, with Survival Kit

LSI Product ID: flo-4360-hd


The HARD-6 Life Raft System is designed to provide total protection of the onboard life raft. The system is attached to the aircraft with a bulkhead mount and single-point release system, enabling deployment by one person. Activation of the system is accomplished via static line mounted to the airframe or manually by a survivor in the water.

  • Rugged Canister
  • Environmentally Packed
  • Survival Kit
  • Single-Point Release
  • Easily transported by 1 or 2 persons
  • Life Raft is protected from exposure to foreign matter, abrasions & punctures
  • Life Raft can be removed/installed in aircraft without the use of special tools by one person
  • Life Raft canister clearly marked for proper ID & operation of the raft for manual deployment

NOTE: Air dropping of the life raft only applies if the life raft is being carried as piece of Rescue Equipment. It does not apply (and may not be dropped survivors) if the life raft is being carried on the aircraft iaw - FAA.CAA/JAA or NATOPS regulations as a required of emergency equipment.

Spec Sheet
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