Survival Kit, 20-Man Life Raft, USAF

LSI Product ID: ls-200-000-c

Life Support International Inc. assembles 20-Man Survival Kits designed specifically for sea survival of up to 20 persons. They can be air dropped independently or in conjunction with a life raft. The containers, made of water proof material, include extra space for items related to specific local climatic conditions.

Air Force Technical Order 14S-1-102, 20-Man Survival Kit


LSI prepares the components and packs this survival kit IAW Air Force Technical Order 14S-1-102.
Qty Description LSI Part no.
1 ea. Survival Kit, 20-Man Life Raft, Complete LS-200-000/C
Qty Description LSI Part no.
1 ea. Latex Tube, 6 Ft., 4720-00-141-9080 TUB-1000-00
1 ea. Survival Manual, AF64-5, Air Force Pamphlet MAN-1000-00
1 ea. Whistle, Plastic, MIL-W-1053 SIG-8500-00
36 ea. Bagged Water, 4.277 oz, 125 mL WTR-1100-00
1 ea. Plastic Sheet, 6' x,6', Translucent PLA-1000-00
1 ea. Stone, Sharpening, C120 KFE-5050-00
1 ea. Signal,Flare, Miniflare MK.8 with 9 Red Aerial Flares SIG-55665-00
1 ea. Knife Assy., Hook Blade 60C6037 Knife with,
Case LS-200-011
3 ea. Blanket, Aluminized, MIL-B-36964, Ty I BLK-1000-00
1 ea. Compass, Lenszatic, MIL-C-10436 COP-1000-00
1 ea. Nylon Cord, MIL-C-5040, Ty 1, 30 Ft.Color:,Natural TC01-NT-30
4 ea. Sea Dye Marker, MIL-S-17980 SIG-8000-00
1 ea. Light Distres Marker, MS2000(M), MIL-L-38217 SIG-6014-00
6 ea. Sunburn Cream, SPF-15,4 oz SUN-1000-00
1 ea. Fishing Kit, MIL-F-6218, (A-A-58025) KIT-2000-00
1 ea. Bailing Bucket WTR-7028-00
2 ea. Sponge, Bailing, Size 8, L-S-626, Ty III SPO-1000-00
5 ea. Water Bags, 5Qt. Size A, MIL-B-8571 WTR-4000-00
5 ea. Ration, Survival Food Packet, MIL-F-43231 RTN-1000-00
1 ea. Knife, Pocket, General Purpose KFE-4000-00
5 ea. Desalter Kit, MIL-D-5531E, Ty II WTR-3000-00
4 ea. Distress Signal, Day/Night SIG-913-1500
1 ea. Signal Mirror, 3"x5", MIL-M-18371, Ty II SIG-8060-00
6 ea. First Aid Kit, Individual/Survival (8530), 6545-01-521-8530 LS-600-54
1 ea. Repair Kit, Life Raft (4 plugs), 67C46306-20 FLO-9000-00
2 ea. Battery, AA, Alkaline SIG-6000-02
1 ea. Hand Pump, MIL-P-8258, Ty III with Hose & Adapter FLO-9020-00
1 ea. Accessories Container, 63A80H4 LS-200-01
1 ea. Beacon, ELT, 500-12 SIG-7042-00