Survival Kit, 20-Man Life Raft, USAF

LSI Product ID: ls-200-000-c

Life Support International Inc. assembles 20-Man Survival Kits designed specifically for sea survival of up to 20 persons. The containers, made of water proof material, include extra space for items related to specific local climatic conditions.

Air Force Technical Order 14S-1-102, 20-Man Survival Kit


LSI prepares the components and packs this survival kit IAW Air Force Technical Order 14S-1-102.
Qty Description LSI Part no.
1 ea. Survival Kit, 20-Man Life Raft, Complete LS-200-000/C
Qty Description LSI Part no.
1 ea. Latex Tube, 6 Ft., 4720-00-141-9080 TUB-1000-00
1 ea. Survival Manual, AF64-5, Air Force Pamphlet MAN-1000-00
1 ea. Whistle, Plastic, MIL-W-1053 SIG-8500-00
36 ea. Bagged Water, 4.277 oz, 125 mL WTR-1100-00
1 ea. Plastic Sheet, 6' x,6', Translucent PLA-1000-00
1 ea. Stone, Sharpening, C120 KFE-5050-00
1 ea. Signal,Flare, Miniflare MK.8 with 9 Red Aerial Flares SIG-55665-00
1 ea. Knife Assy., Hook Blade 60C6037 Knife with,
Case LS-200-011
3 ea. Blanket, Aluminized, MIL-B-36964, Ty I BLK-1000-00
1 ea. Compass, Lenszatic, MIL-C-10436 COP-1000-00
1 ea. Nylon Cord, MIL-C-5040, Ty 1, 30 Ft.Color:,Natural TC01-NT-30
4 ea. Sea Dye Marker, MIL-S-17980 SIG-8000-00
1 ea. Light Distres Marker, MS2000(M), MIL-L-38217 SIG-6014-00
6 ea. Sunburn Cream, SPF-15,4 oz SUN-1000-00
1 ea. Fishing Kit, MIL-F-6218, (A-A-58025) KIT-2000-00
1 ea. Bailing Bucket WTR-7028-00
2 ea. Sponge, Bailing, Size 8, L-S-626, Ty III SPO-1000-00
5 ea. Water Bags, 5Qt. Size A, MIL-B-8571 WTR-4000-00
5 ea. Ration, Survival Food Packet, MIL-F-43231 RTN-1000-00
1 ea. Knife, Pocket, General Purpose KFE-4000-00
5 ea. Desalter Kit, MIL-D-5531E, Ty II WTR-3000-00
4 ea. Distress Signal, Day/Night SIG-913-1500
1 ea. Signal Mirror, 3"x5", MIL-M-18371, Ty II SIG-8060-00
6 ea. First Aid Kit, Individual/Survival (8530), 6545-01-521-8530 LS-600-54
1 ea. Repair Kit, Life Raft (4 plugs), 67C46306-20 FLO-9000-00
2 ea. Battery, AA, Alkaline SIG-6000-02
1 ea. Hand Pump FLO-9020-00
1 ea. Accessories Container, 63A80H4 LS-200-01
1 ea. Beacon, ELT, 500-12 SIG-7042-00