First Aid Kit, FAR-121

Aircrew First Aid Kit, FAR-121

LSI Product ID: ls-610-02

Approved first-aid kits required by FAR 121.309 must meet the following specifications and requirements:
  1. Each first-aid kit must be dust and moisture proof, and contain only materials that either meet Federal Specification GG-K-391a, as revised, or are approved.
  2. Required first-aid kits must be distributed as evenly as practicable throughout the aircraft and be readily accessible to the cabin flight attendants.
  3. The minimum number of first-aid kits required is set forth as the following based on the no. of passenger seats:
      • 0-50 (1 ea.)
      • 51-150 (2 ea.)
      • 151-250 (3 ea.)
      • More than 250 (4 ea.)

The LSI FAR-121 First Aid Kit is assembled in accordance with the FAR §121.309 regulations, and includes the following items and quantities:
Qty Description LSI P/N
1 ea Container, FAR-121 First Aid, Dust & Moisture Proof LS-610-02-01
20 Povidine-Iodine Swabs, 10/Box LS6-010-0307
11 Inhalant, Ammonia, 10 Pack LS6-106-0875
8 Bandage, Compress, Gauze 4" x 4" LS6-200-3080
5 Bandage, Triangular LS6-201-1755
2 Splint, Wire LS-610-02-07
4 Bandage, Gauze, 4" x 6 yd LS6-200-3190
1 Bandaid, Adhesive, 1" x 3", 16/Pk LS6-913-7909-16
2 Tape, Adhesive, 1" Standard Roll LS6-060-1639-1R
1 Scissors, Angular, 7-1/4" LS6-935-7138
8 Gloves, Patient Exam, Size Large LS6-364-8554