Battery Replacement, ACR PLB

LSI Product ID: plb-battery-service

Life Support International is currently the only authorized ACR Personal Locator Beacon Battery (PLB) Replacement Center for Military and Government Agencies.

We service, replace and reprogram PLB batteries on any ACR PLB.   PLB Models: 350B, 350C & 375.

ACR Electronics no longer conducts PLB battery replacement of any ACR PLB on its premises. These services are now required to be made by an ACR Factory Authorized PLB Battery Replacement Center.  Specialized equipment, software and training is required to perform a battery replacement.

LSI'S PLB battery replacement service(s) are NOT available to the general public

PLB Battery Replacement Service Includes:

  • New battery good for 5 years
  • New O-rings and washers
  • Full activation test
  • Full transmission service test on ACR test equipment
  • Proof of passing certificate certifying programming and functionality
  • New Labels (if necessary)
  • New pull string, tab and cord. (if applicable)
  • Replacement of cracked antenna (additional fee)
  • New NOAA registration forms (if necessary)

Turnaround time is based on quantity, levels of battery stock & shop backlog at the time of receipt of your PLB(s).

Please contact us if you have any questions.