Rescue Net, Billy Pugh X-874-UH

The X-874-UH is 1-person, non-folding Billy Pugh™ Helicopter Rescue Net that contains a flotation collar. 

LSI Product ID: res-1420-00

The X-874-UH is 1-person, non-folding Helicopter Rescue Net that contains a flotation collar.

The Billy Pugh Helicopter Rescue Net has been proven effective by airborne Search & Rescue crews around the world with hundreds of lives saved. Life Support International, Inc. (LSI) and Billy Pugh Company, Inc. (BPC) have over 30 years experience in the production of lifesaving equipment. Billy Pugh nets offer a safe means of pick-up and transport of personnel and/or survivors by helicopter. Designed for use in the harshest of environments, these nets can be used on land or in water (flotation collar is optional).

The design and construction of the net allows for compact, easy storage in most helicopters. Various models are available, offering different configurations in sizes, flotation, and folding capabilities.

BPC nets attach easily to all model hoists or cargo hooks (for short haul procedure). If the helicopter is not hoist or cargo hook equipped, the nets can be suspended by an optional Yoke Band through the body of some helicopters.

Manufactured by Billy Pugh Co. and sold exclusively by Life Support International, Inc.
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