Boat Rescue Net, Man Overboard

Davit launched man overboard retrieval system 73 lbs; 74 x 48 x 10

LSI Product ID: res-1460-00

AID Model: X-544

The X-544 rescue device is a davit launched man overboard retrieval system capable of lifting multiple people in an emergency situation.

Retrieving a person overboard is not something we ever wish needs to be done.  But it can also be a difficult process due to the distance from the rail to the water.

The X-544 simplifies this procedure by being used in concert with the ship’s davit system.  It allows for providing for a method to lift a person or multiple people using the ships on board davit and the X-544, taking much of the difficulty away such as having to pull them or have them climb onto the vessel. Additionally, when a man overboard emergency has occurred, the X-544 will allow the victim to swim inside the netted area (or be assisted inside) of the X-544 and be davit lifted back on board to safety.