Flotation Kit, Narrow

Designed for over-water and in-water rescue operations. This Flotation Kit reduces the width of litter with installed flotation by four (4) inches. Approved by NAVAIR for Navy use. Approved for US Coast Guard use.

LSI Product ID: rs-103

AID Model: 103

Manufactured By: Lifesaving Systems Corporation

Designed for over-water and in-water rescue operations. This Flotation Kit provides flotation and patient restraint for the Medevac II (LSI P/N: RS-404 & RS-406) and Stokes-type litters (RS-0452). Components of each kit are constructed from quality synthetic materials, and are suitable for the marine environments. 

When properly installed the kits provide positive self-righting and head-up flotation characteristics. Each kit comes with five color-coded patient restraint straps utilizing the double locking Quick Release Safety Buckles. The included retainer straps prevent fouling of the patient restraint straps during in-water rescues.

The RS-103 Flotation Kit reduces the width of a litter with installed flotation by four inches when compared to the RS-100 and RS-101 Flotation Kits.  This can be very important in smaller helicopters and boats.  The narrower profile is accomplished by utilizing half-width flotation logs in combination with a foam back pad.  Flotation testing has been conducted on the RS-404 and RS-406 Medevac II litters only.  Currently in service with all U.S. Coast Guard helicopters. 


  • High visibility and compact stowage
  • Self-righting, floats the litter in a head-up position
  • Quick adjusting patient restraint straps
  • Corrosion resistant materials & hardware
  • Lift insert provides rapid patient transfer
The Flotation Kit includes:
  • Flotation Log Covers, pair (orange)
  • Ethafoam Chest Pads, pair
  • Chest Pad Covers, pair (orange)
  • Ethafoam Float Logs (Half-Width) pair
  • Ethafoam Back Pad
  • Patient Restraint Straps, set of 5
  • Retainer Straps, 4 each
  • Lift Insert, Litter
  • Ballast Bar
Note: This Flotation Kit has been designed to fit Medevac II, Medevac IIA, and MIL-SPEC type litters only.

Approved by NAVAIR for U.S. Navy use. Approved for U.S. Coast Guard use.
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