Hooded Vest, FIRE FLEECE™, SAR Swimmer, 5/3 mm

The Hooded Vest is designed for maximum warmth and comfort and for use in a wide variety of SAR, Surface and Diving applications.

LSI Product ID: sar-3005-f-00

This suit provides core body coverage and is designed to be worn as a layering garment under wetsuits.  The Hooded Vest fits easily and comfortably under heavier wetsuits of varying densities, and is designed so it will not bunch or ride up while in use.

Product Features:
+ 5mm hood with 3mm body

+ HT Hyperstretch® Thermoprene® material
+ Double glued and double blind stitched seams
+ Henderson exclusive hood design, offers superior fit and comfort
+ Minimal seam design for maximum warmth and less opportunity for seam failure
+ Pill and abrasion-resistant nylon interior and exterior
+ Available in black upon request