Shorty, FIRE FLEECE™, SAR Swimmer, 3mm

Henderson 3mm Rescue Swimmer Shorty features: Hyperstretch construction,International Orange in color, flatlock seam construction, SOLAS shoulder panels, back zipper and buttguard.

LSI Product ID: sar-3020-f-00

Jumpsuits are available in three thicknesses for maximum warmth and comfort, and for use in a wide variety of SAR, Surface, and Diving applications. All these suits offer a rear zip entry configuration. This time proven entry design significantly accelerates the speed at which the user can be in the wetsuit and ready to deploy. Rear zip entry configuration is well suited for use in confined spaces and tight quarters like Helo cabins.

These suits may be easily unzipped for comfort and quickly re-zipped prior to deployment.



+ 5mm hood with 3mm body
+ HT Hyperstretch® Thermoprene® material
+ Double glued and double blind stitched seams
+ Henderson exclusive hood design, offers superior fit and comfort
+ Minimal seam design for maximum warmth and less opportunity for seam failure
+ Pill and abrasion-resistant nylon interior and exterior
+ Retro reflective tape on shoulders
+ Thermally bonded non-slip traction seat