Strobe, SM-3 Automatic COB Marker Light

Automatically rights itself & activates when in water. Extremely durable high intensity Xenon strobe. 360° visibility for over 3 miles, waterproof to 76 ft with an operating life of 40 hrs continuous. USCG approved; SOLAS-LSA compliant

LSI Product ID: sig-6047-00

The SM-3 Automatic Crew-Overboard Marker Light with Bulkhead Bracket automatically rights itself and activates when in the water. USCG approved; SOLAS-LSA compliant

  • SOLAS / MED Approved
  • Bright light in all directions (360° visibility)
  • UV resistant polycarbonate case
  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Easy bracket installation
  • The bracket is included and maintains same hole pattern as SM-2 for easy retrofit
  • Automatically rights itself and activates when in the water
  • High intensity LED strobe
  • Floats upright in all conditions
  • Minimum 40 hours continuous operating life at 30oC (86oF) or over 24 hours at -1oC (30oF)
  • User-Replaceable AA Energizer L91 Lithium Batteries (Not Included