Lightstick, Cyalume, 15 inch

ChemLight® Military Grade Chemical Light Sticks, 15″

LSI Product ID: sig-8652-00

The ChemLight® IMPACT® 15″ is the only light stick of its kind that illuminates on impact. With this versatile light stick, a bend, snap and shake is not necessary. Ideal for not giving away position in a tactical situation or confined space rescue, the IMPACT light stick will perform.

  • 15″ Long
  • Waterproof, non-toxic and fire-resistant
  • Thin glass ampule allows light stick to illuminate on impact
  • With 2 end rings they can be hung or strung together for marking or a functional light source
  • Sold by the tube or a case of 4 tubes
  • Made in USA
To activate, bend the tube and shake. This breaks the ampule and mixes the chemicals. A cool bright light is released via chemi-luminescense, a chemical reaction converting energy to light without heat, flame, or sparks. No batteries, bulbs, or lenses to break or replace. Available in 6 colors with duration from 5 minutes to 12 hours. These lightsticks are suitable for a wide range of field-proven applications.

15" Cyalume Lightstick:

LSI Part No.
SIG-8652-GR Green 12-hour
SIG-8652-RD Red 12-hour
SIG-8652-YL Yellow 12-hour
SIG-8652-WH White 8-hour
SIG-8652-BL Blue 8-hour
SIG-8652-OR Ultra Orange 5-min

Available in case pack of 20.
NSN Information
6260-01-341-8709: Green, 12 Hour
6260-01-341-8711: Yellow, 12 Hour
6260-01-341-8710: Blue, 8 Hour
6260-01-341-8712: Red, 12 Hour
6260-01-341-8715: Orange, 5 Minute
6260-01-341-8713: White, 8 Hour