Life Raft (T14AS), FAA Type I, 14-Man

VIP Series Life Raft. Transport Category Aircraft. FAA TSO-C70a TYPE I Approved. For Part 91, 121, 135 Operators (Corporate, Executive, Air Cargo). Twin tube, Transport Series. Rated capacity: 14, Overload capacity: 21. Compact, lightweight, constructed of neoprene coated nylon. High tech inflation system. Competitively priced.

LSI Product ID: t14as

AID Model: T14AS

Using EAM's proven aviation technology, these twin-tube life rafts provide superior performance in a smaller, lighter package.  Buoyancy tubes are made from two-ply FAA approved, neoprene rubber coated fabric.  These rafts feature boarding ramps for easy entry, self-erecting canopies, and insulated double floors for insulation.  Composite inflation cylinders help keep the weight low.  Pack in soft fabric valise.


  • Automatic erecting canopy with inflatable canopy support.
  • Bright fluorescent orange canopy with retro-reflective tape panels for improved visibility.
  • Self-inflating boarding ramp for easy entry.
  • Rigid, telescoping rear boarding ladder.
  • Optional inflatable double floor inflates manually with hand pump for insulation in frigid waters.
  • High pressure nitrogen inflation system for rapid cold weather inflation.
  • Inflation system pressure gauge visible from outside of all packs for quick in-service checks.
  • Three (3) year recommended frequency of inspection
  • Cylinder inflation valve using puncture disc technology for long term leak resistance.
  • Survival kits packed in sealed, waterproof nylon pouch.
  • All 135, 135/JAR, and CARs survival kits include a reverse osmosis Watermaker.
  • Five (5) extra large Icelandic type water ballast bags provide for stability/capsize resistance.  Bags weighted for quick, automatic deployment.
  • Automatic deploying sea anchor.
  • Exterior lifeline and interior grasp line integrated into raft seams for added strength.

Pack Specifications: VIP Life Raft, 14-Man (T14AS)

  • Dimensions and weights shown are nominal and do not allow for pack expansion and swelling.
  • Unless otherwise specified, tolerances of actual pack dimensions are as follows: For dimensions of 5.5 inches and less = -0.25/+1.0.
  • For stowage compartment clearance, allow additional 0.5 to 1.5 inches in excess of final pack dimensions.
  • Allow additional 3.0 lbs. weight when ELT installed.

Model No. Description Packing Dimensions
L" x W" x H"
R1400-101 T14AS twin rube-type I - FAR 121-Ramp 32 +/- .5" x 17 +/- .5" x 9 +/- .5" 60lb
R1400-103 T14AS twin rube-type I - JAR 121-Ramp 32 +/- .5" x 17 +/- .5" x 9 +/- .5" 65lb
R1400-105 T14AS twin rube-type I - FAR 135 Kit-Ramp-Watermaker 32 +/- .5" x 17 +/- .5" x 9.5 +/- .5" 73lb
R1400-117 T14AS twin rube-type I - 121 / CARS / OPS 3 Std Flr-Watermaker 32 +/- .5" x 17 +/- .5" x 9.5 +/- .5" 66lb
Spec Sheet
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