Desalter Kit

LSI Product ID: wtr-3000-00

Emergency Desalting Kits can prevent the torture of thirst and the danger of body dehydration in accidents at sea.

Developed during World War II and still standard equipment on U.S. Navy and Air Force planes, the Desalting Kit is also used by commercial airlines and private aircraft for over water flights.

Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard Approval 160.058/3/0 as a replacement for a certain portion of canned water carried on board by merchant vessels, life boats, and life rafts. Also used by all types of pleasure crafts.

Because of its emergency use and the fact that it may be called upon to save lives, the kit is manufactured under rigid controls to comply with the requirements of the Military Specification MIL-D-5531E. NSN: 4610-00-372-0592

Rugged - Convenient - Dependable
  • Over 7 pints of drinking water per kit: One compact pack kit contains 8 packets of desalting chemicals which yield over 7 pints of drinking water. Each packet produces 14.2 fluid ounces (0.42 liters) of drinking water.
  • Fast Operation: Packet disintegrates in sea water without manipulation in less than 5 minutes. Rectangular filter with metal valve built into desalting bag permits fast filtration rate and smooth discharge of drinking water.
  • Sulfates and chlorides reduced: Packets supply treated water with reduced sulfates and chlorides. Typical performance: chlorides reduced from over 24000 ppm to 2750 ppm and sulfates from 2350 ppm to 1350 ppm to provide acceptable emergency drinking water.
  • Stability: Packet is stable and not affected by high temperatures. Meets U.S. Government requirements for thermostability.
  • Tried and Proven: Thoroughly tested and used by Armed Forces since 1944 for aircraft and ships.
  • Easy-to-read: Printed instructions on desalting bag are easily read and remain clear.
  • Hard to lose: Fastened to raft or life boat with rugged nylon tape to prevent loss of bag in rough area.