Deployable Emergency Communications Kit (DECK)

LSI Product ID: com-9000-00

The Deployable Emergency Communications Kit (DECK) is a stand-alone portable Iridium- based satellite communications solution. The DECK is designed for use by emergency personnel responding to natural or man-made disasters that have damaged or destroyed the standard communications infrastructure, such as landlines and cellular networks. It can also be used by aircrew from a remotely located downed aircraft. Be ready to hit the DECK running.


+ Global tracking and communications coverage powered by the Iridium® network.

+ Four SHOUT tw devices provide two-way data communications along with tracking and emergency alerting.

+ One SHOUT sp device provides two-way voice communications, internet access, and all the features provided by the SHOUT tw devices.

+ Provided accessories include portable rechargeable batteries, portable solar chargers, USB Micro cables, and DC vehicle chargers.

+ All the hardware and accessories feature USB compatibility.

+ All the hardware and accessories are housed in a hardened Pelican® case.