Life Raft, HARD-4™, TSO Approved

4-Man Lift Raft System canister features an integrated bulkhead Mount/Release system, enabling deployment by 1 person with single point release.

LSI Product ID: flo-4300-hd

AID Model: HARD-4

The HARD-4™ is a unique Life Raft system, designed to provide total protection of the onboard life raft.

The hard shell canister features an integrated bulkhead Mount / Release system, enabling deployment by one-person with single point release.

  • RUGGED polyethylene Canister- The canister is constructed of impact resistant polyethylene, resulting in an extremely rugged case for transporting the Life raft. Dimensions: Length 17" x Width 16" x Height 6 ½” Weight: 25 lbs. (with survival kit)
  • LIFE RAFT- FAA TSO C70a Type II approved. The system includes a 4-person capacity life raft, vacuum packaged for long term life cycle & reduced maintenance cycle. Life raft includes canopy.
  • SURVIVAL KIT- Optional kit includes water & signalling equipment
  • INTEGRATED QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM - The INTEGRATED Quick Release mounting system consists of spring activated Latch, and Set Pin, activated by pulling on the Carry Handle.
  • MANUAL INFLATION- Located on the end of the raft is a Manual Inflation Handle, permitting direct inflation of the Life Raft. A safety strap enclosure pocket prevents inadvertent inflation.

NOTE: Air dropping of the life raft only applies if the life raft is being carried as piece of Rescue Equipment. It does not apply (and may not be dropped survivors) if the life raft is being carried on the aircraft iaw - FAA.CAA/JAA or NATOPS regulations as a required of emergency equipment.

  • Life Raft, 4 Man FAA TSO C70a Type II approved
  • Overall outside dimension: 17 " L x 16 " W x 6 ½ " H
  • Capable of deployment by one-person via single point release
  • Weight: 25 lbs. (including survival kit)
  • Easily transported by 1 person
  • Life Raft is protected from exposure to foreign matter, abrasions & punctures.
  • Overall packed volume significantly reduced from existing 4-person life raft configuration.
  • Life Raft Environmentally Packaged to decrease maintenance cycles & maintenance costs.
  • Life Raft can be removed/installed in Aircraft without the use of special tools, by one person.
  • Life Raft Suspension System will withstand a 30-G load force on all axis: Vertical, Horizontal & Lateral.
  • Installation on Aircraft will not adversely affect Weight & Balance.
  • Life Raft Canister clearly marked for proper identification.
  • Life Raft Canister finished to maximize or minimize visibility as required.
  • Life Raft Canister markings clearly identify how to operate the raft for manual deployment.