Life Preserver, MK-46 C™

Constant wear inflatable life jacket designed for use by helicopter pilots & passengers. The MK-46 C™ is a collar-only type life preserver (in Nylon or Nomex). Manual inflation utilizes 16 gram CO2 cylinders.

LSI Product ID: flo-4508-00

The MK-46 C™ life preserver is a lightweight, constant wear inflatable life jacket, designed for use by helicopter pilots and passengers. The construction of the MK-46 C™ life preserver is superior in quality and durability, engineered for constant wear comfort while wearing a helmet and easy integration with seat harness, and is universally sized with a fullly adjustable waist belt.

The MK-46 C™ vest consist of two independant flotation cells, providing 38 pound buoyancy, in a yoke style which will ensure that an unconscious aviator will float head up out of the water and will also self right a survivor after inflation. Inflation is activated with a manual inflation system, utilizing a 16 gram CO2 cylinder on each bladder. Backup oral inflation is provided on each cell.

The flotation cells are encased in a durable 1000 denier Cordura® Nylon shell, available in a variety of colors (OD Green, Navy Blue, Black). A Nomex® wear collar is available as optional equipment, providing a level of fire protection. A water activated light is provided.

The MK-46 C™ will right the subject to face up position in less than 5 seconds and provides freeboard mouth clearance and torso positioning.Two independent cells providing total buoyancy of 35 pounds. 
Maximum Inflated Buoyancy 35 pounds
Number of Inflatable Cells 2 each
Total Weight 2 lbs
Cell Material Urethane Coated Nylon, MIL-C-83489
Material, Suspension Belt 1½” Polypropylene, UL Certified
16 Gram CO2 Cylinder 2 each, MIL-C-601G
Oral Inflation Tubes 2 each, MIL-O-81375
Bladder Color Safety Yellow, International Orange
Water Activated Light ACR® L-8
Material Outer Protective Cover 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura®
Size Universal (fully adjustable)
Colors OD Green,Navy Blue, Black