Specifically designed for constant wear in the seated position in your helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. It`s the most comfortable and most versatile helicopter life vest. It`s the vest that has room for everything you want to carry. FLO-7200-511 supersedes FLO-7200-50

LSI Product ID: flo-7200-511

The SWITLIK X-Back MOLLE Air Crew Vest is a newly configured, lightweight crew vest that is a quantum leap in comfort and durability over its predecessor the HV-35. The aptly named X-Back has a unique, proprietary cross back strap configuration, as opposed to the original T-Back vest. The X-Back MOLLE has room to attach all of your accessories. This vest was specifically designed for constant wear in the seated position in your helicopter or fixed wing aircraft

The MOLLE System
Space to attach everything. The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) system lets you customize your vest with the accessories you need. Accessories are located to the sides rather than midsection allowing more room for shoulder and lap belts, for added comfort when seated. As accessories are added, their weight is distributed on the shoulders and off the neck, greatly increasing comfort for the wearer.

Signature X-Back Design
The X-back design allows the vest to contour to your shoulders, lowering the profile, increasing comfort, and improving range of motion. The weight of the vest and its contents is moved away from the back of your neck and evenly distributed across your shoulders, reducing fatigue. The adjustable X-Back straps provide enough range to make this vest one size fits all.

A Low-Profile Design
A unique proprietary interior cell folding technique combined with our open V-Neck design removes the bulk from your neck and reduces interference with your helmet. Thoughtful design has moved the components away from your chest to increase comfort and avoid interference with safety restraints.

Security & Visibility
An integrated grab handle allows wearers to be pulled to safety in a search and rescue scenario. The reflective material will make sure that the wearer is seen, whether the vest is activated or not.

TSO-C13d Approved
Made in USA

Spec Sheet
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