First Aid Kit, General Purpose 6650

U.S. Military First Aid Kit, Gerneral Purpose Airplane. Soft Case.

LSI Product ID: ls-600-50

Minimum Order Qty: 10

First-Aid Kit, Airplane, LS-600-50 REV E

The U.S. Military Aircrew Flexible Case First Aid Kit contains the following items and quantities:

Qty Description LSI P/N
1 ea Case, Medical Instrument & Supply
In Upper Pocket
Qty Description
1 pkg Compress & Bandage, 2 x 4 inches, (4's) LS6-200-3075
1 ea. Bandage, Triangular, 40 inch. LS6-201-1755
3 pkg Gauze, Petrolatum, 3 x 36 inches LS6-202-0750
1 pkg Blade, Surgical Preparation Razor Straight, Single Edge, (5s) LS6-754-0426
4 ea Gloves, Patient Exam/treat,Large Size Pre-powdered, Snug Fitting Cuff LS6-364-8554
1 ea Dental Prosthesis Bag  LS6-926-9041
In Lower Pocket
Qty Description
1 ea Pad, Povidone-Iodine, (Box of 10) LS6-010-0307
3 ea Dressing, First Aid, Field, Individual Troop, 4 x 7 inhces LS6-506-4590
2 ea Bandage, Gauze, 2 inch stretch LS6-200-3180
1 pkg Bandage, Adhesive, 3/4 x 3 inches, (18s) LS6-913-7909
3 ea Adhesive Tape, Surgical, 1 inch x 1 1/2 yards LS6-060-1639
1 ea Eye Shield LS6-598-1877
1 ea Instruction Card, Artificial Respiration
(Mouth-to-Mouth Re-susitation and First Aid)
1 ea Instruction Sheet & List of Contents LS-600-504 & LS-600-513
Please note the First Aid Kit, LS-600-50 was previously designated by NSN: 6545-00-919-6650.  NSN is no longer supported by TO / USG