HEED 3 Helicopter Emergency Egress Device

The Helicopter Emergency Egress Device 3 (HEED 3) is a compact, lightweight and reliable self contained breathing appartus, the HEED 3 is designed to increase the survivability of military and commercial personnel in short-term out-of-air emergencies.

LSI Product ID: oxy-4175-001

  • Provides lifesaving air needed to egress from a downed aircraft or a rolled vehicle in the water.
  • Ideal for all helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, float planes, watercraft and vehicles that operate around possible water emergencies.
  • Protects personnel from inhaling dangerous and lethal toxic fumes from fire or smoke.
  • Simple, compact design is less complicated to use and repair than competing models.
  • Always-on design is ready to deliver air when you need it.
  • Refillable from an air compressor or scuba tank.
  • Includes custom holster to attach to a modular vest.
  • REGULAR BODY - Our simple rugged design utilizes the same time proven technology found in typical regulators used by SCUBA Divers around the world.  Our always-on, breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator is easy to use, maintain and service.  HEED 3 cab be used in any orientation, even upside down.
  • PRESSURE INDICATOR - Standard on the HEED 3, the Dial Guaage Pressure Indicator is easy to read and shows an accurate measurement of tank pressure in 200 psi increments.
  • PURGE BUTTON - Clears the regulator and empties the Air Tank.
  • MOUTHPIECE - Standard regulator mouthpiece carried by SCUBA Diving SHops everywhere and is the same model used on the most regulators.
  • CHECK VALVE - Remove the cap and attach the Air Compressor adaptor to fill the HEED 3 in about 60 seconds (depending upon compressor).  Or attach the optional SCUBA Tank Refill Adapter and connect the other end to a filled 3000psi SCUBA tank.  Slowly open the tank valve and in 30-60 seconds, your HEED 3 is full.
  • 3000 PSI ALUMINUM TANK - This SCUBA tank is manufactured just like standard SCUBA tanks, with the same safety features.  The cylingder should be hydrostatically tested once every 5 years.  
HELICOPTERS: Commuter, Private, Military, Industrial, Public Safet. FIXED WING AIRCRAFT/WATERCRAFT: Ideal for float planes, Private or commercial aircraft that operates around water. LAND VEHICLES & WATERCRAFT: Rescue air supply for water accidents in use by US military in areas where ditches and canals are prevelant, Fast egress from toxic air emergencies.

  • PART NUMBER: 175-001
  • PRODUCT LENGTH: 8.75" [22.23 cm]
  • PRODUCT DIAMETER: 2.25" [5.71 cm]
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT (FULL): 1.51 lbs. [.687 kg]
  • CYLINDER VOLUME: 1.7 cu ft [48 liters]
  • CYLINDER MATERIAL: Aluminum - Black Anodized
  • PRESSURE RELIEF: Integrated in Regulator
  • REGULATOR TYPE: Balanced Single Stage
  • OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE: -22°F [-30°C] to +158°F [+70°C]
  • DURATION OF AIR SUPPLY: Approximately 30 breaths (at surface)
  • ALTITUDE LIMITS: Tested at up to 35,000' [10,500 m]
    • 1.7 or 3.0 cu ft cylinder
    • With or without holster
    • Portable Air Compressor - part #3100-com