Hoist Hook, D-LOK Rescue

The D-LOK Helicopter Rescue Hoist Hook has been developed to replace the double rescue hook (MS-18027-2A), and other current helicopter hoist hooks.

LSI Product ID: res-0414-g

AID Model: 414-G

Manufactured By: Lifesaving Systems Corporation

The D-LOK® Rescue Hoist Hook, the world’s most successful hook design, has been updated  by extending the latch guards to fully enclose the actuation buttons and adding a radius to the face of the gate. The new design makes dynamic roll out and unintentional activation of the gate locks impossible. The extended latch buttons and raised guards improves the users control of the gate during one-handed operation. The hoist hook features a large ring volume for multiple equipment rings, and will accept rings up to 3/4-inch diameter. The integral utility eye allows attachment of tag/guide line.

The D-LOK® Hoist Hook eliminates all problems associated with the current double rescue hook, such as inadvertent engagement (including the snagging of fingers on the small hook), and self-release (ring roll-out). The D-LOK® Hoist Hook exceeds the load test requirement for the double rescue hook (MS-18027-2A), and is available with seven (7) attachment options to fit all current hoist installations.

+ Weight: ~1.5lbs (0.68kg)

+ Proof Load: 3,000lbs (1,360kg)

+ Hook Body: Forged Stainless Steel

+ Breaking Limit:  7,000lbs (3,175kg)

+ Working Load Limit (WLL): 600lbs (272kg)

+ Cleaning: Fresh Water Rinse After Exposure to Saltwater Environment

Fitment Configuration:

Thread Size End Configuration/ Attachment Overall Shaft Length (Inches)  LSI Part Number
.500-20 UNJF-3A Slot 1.000" RES-414-A1
.437-20 UNJF-3A Pin Hole 1.312" RES-414-E
.500-20 UNJF-3A Pin Hole 1.000" RES-414-F1
.500-20 UNJF-3A Pin Hole w/ Swivel 1.000" RES-414-G
.500-20 UNJF-3A Slot and Pinhole 1.000" RES-414-AF