Splint, Miller Full Body

The Miller Board™ is a versatile spine immobilization board, complete with a full head & body harness. This unique system allows a victim to be rotated onto his head for proper airway management or extrication without jeopardizing spinal position.

LSI Product ID: res-0700-00

The Miller Full Body Splint/Litter is a versatile spine immobilization board and litter that comes complete with a full head and body harness. This unique harness system will allow a victim to be rotated onto his head for proper airway management or extrication without jeopardizing spinal position.

The Miller Full Body Splint/Litter is great for confined spaces and other rescues. Hook and loop straps allow rapid immobilization of a patient, yet is so secure and compact that the patient can easily be tipped and rolled to fit through tight or confined spaces or used if necessary for a vertical lift. The Miller Board™ can be used to extricate the patient, and then tie the board into a litter for the evacuation. Split leg design fits Stokes type litters and allows each leg to be secured separately. X-ray translucent.

  • Secure - Unique design of the shoulder straps, chest straps and head harness offer the safest, most effective method to securely immobilize the shoulders and head. This provides horizontal as well as lateral immobilization of the injured spine.
  • Protects Head - The "V" shaped head rest creates a two-point contact providing better immobilization of the head by reducing the possibility of any lateral movement. Head harness prevents flexion and over-extension of the head.
  • Safe - Provides a safe method of complete body immobilization. The Miller Board aids in controlling undesired movement of the victim during transport.
  • Easy Accessibility - The seven strategically located carrying handles are elevated off the ground, thereby making the handles easily accessible to the bare or gloved hand.
  • Narrow Design - The unique narrow design (only 15 inches) allows the board to fit easily into confined spaces where other full body spine boards cannot. The victim can be vertically lifted on the Miller Board if required during confined space extrication.
  • Vertical Life Capabilites - Use of the LSP Half Back as a vertical lift harness allows the victim to be lifted vertically while strapped to the Miller Board™. There is no compression of the spine because the lift harness lifts the victim, not the board.
  • Versatile - The body harness and head harness will adjust in size to accommodate anyone from a small child to a large adult. Optional helmet harness available.
  • Radioparent - The board, body straps, and head harness are radioparent, allowing the victim to be x-rayed while still firmly attached to the board.
  • Easy Leg Access - The split leg strapping design allows each leg to be treated separately, and is also compatible with the Navy "Stokes" basket litter, as well as many types of traction splints.
  • Buoyant - A rigid foam core gives the board strength to prevent bowing. It also provides buoyancy for those hazardous water rescues. The board will float 250 lbs in fresh water and 300 lbs in salt water.
  • Durable - The commercial grade nylon covering is lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand harsh treatment in the field or in the hospital.