Harness, Half Back Extrication/Lift

The Half Back Extrication/Lift Harness is a versatile short body immobilization board designed for suspected cervical/spinal injuries during confined space extrication (autos, ships, etc.)

LSI Product ID: res-0710-00

AID Milspec: MIL-STD-45662 & MIL-I-45208A

Rescuers have found the Half Back Extrication/Lift Harness an effective tool for vertical extrication from confined spaces. The Half Back is a versatile short body immobilization board designed for suspected cervical/spinal injuries. It comes complete with a V-shaped padded head rest, a full head harness and an optional helmet harness for helmeted victims. The closed-cell foam interior molds to the shape of the body, providing comfort and the most effective body immobilization. In addition, leg straps provide lower body support during a vertical lift and six handles allow for easy maneuvering of the patient.

Compatible with CMC ProSeries Spreader Bar and the Miller Full Body Splint/Litter.

  • Dual Purpose - The optional vertical lift strap assembly allows the Half-Back to be used in two distinctly different ways. First, with the aluminum back-stay in place, the half back will vertically lift a suspected cervical/spinal injury victim during confined space extrication. (Vertically lifting this type of victim is not recommended unless no other means are evident.) Second, the Half-Back can be quickly converted into a vertical lift/extrication/rescue harness simply by removing the aluminum back-stay.
  • Versatile - State of the art design enables the Half-Back to perform three functions that previously required three different products, making it very cost effective.
  • Comfortable - Vest-like shoulder and torso straps provide the best possible type of spine and torso immobilization available for close space extrication.
  • Easy to Maneuver - Safe & quick maneuvering of the victim is easily accomplished with 6 strategically located handles.
  • Ready Quickly - Quick-release Velcro storage pockets neatly house all straps until needed for rescue.
  • Easily Attached - Provides proper and timely immobilization without extra manipulation of the equipment or victim.
  • Anatomical Design - Features an aluminum back-stay anatomically designed for the cervical portion of the spinal column. The unique "V" shaped head pad and full head harness allow easy stabilization of the head and eliminate the need for any roll or extra padding to support the victim's head. Does not interfere with cervical x-rays.
  • Durable - The interior of the Half-Back is a non-absorbent, closed-cell foam. The outer covering consists of a tough, stain resistant washable junior ballistic nylon which provides protection and comfort to the victim and rescue person.
  • Easy to Store - Lightweight, compact and durable carrying case makes it easy to store & transport to the scene.

  • Color: High visibility yellow & black straps
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Weight of Vest: 7.5 lbs
  • Size: Open - 34" long x 36" wide, Closed - 34" long x 12" x 7" thick
  • Jacket: 2-ply, water repellent 1,000 denier Cordura® nylon; minimum tensile strength of 557 lbs. for each ply
  • Foam: 1/2" thick 2# nonabsorbent closed-cell polyethylene
  • Back-Stay: 5" wide x 33 1/2" long x 3/16" thick, 5052-H32 anodized aluminum alloy
  • Straps: 2" wide, black nylon webbing with a minimum 6,000 lbs. tensile strength
  • Buckles: Forged alloy steel, proof load 2,500 lbs.
  • Hardware: Forged alloy steel with a proof load of 2,500 lbs; mil-spec P5220441
  • Velcro: 3/4" and 2" black hook & loop
  • Cleaning: 100% washable
  • US Military Specifications: MIL-STD-45662 and MIL-I-45208A
  • ANSI Specifications: ANSI A10.14-1975
  • Europe Standard: CE 0543