Yoke Band, Helicopter (YB-PSB)

LSI Product ID: res-1455-uh-jr

The Helicopter Yoke Band, YB-PSB (Primary Suspension Band) is designed to be fitted through the body of the helicopter for rescue purposes where a winch or cargo hook are not available, this unique device is rated at 600 pound working load capacity. Utilizing a Manual Quick Release system allows for quick jettison should the payload need to be released in an emergency. Because there is no electronic or ballistic device involved, the possibility of separate system failure is eliminated.

Emergency jettison release of the Suspension Sling is activated from within the helicopter, via manual Dual Actuation, requiring two distinct actions for release to occur. The Release Cable travels down the Suspension Sling to the Cargo Attachment System, releasing payload below.

The Suspension Sling body is constructed of MIL-W-4088, Type 26, doubled over, creating an extremely strong band that will not stretch. The 3-Ring Cargo Attachment System is constructed of MIL-W-4088, Type 13, also doubled. The Cargo Attachment System utilizes a 3-Ring Release, commonly used in Heavy Duty HALO delivery systems.

Each Suspension Sling is manufactured to fit specific helicopter dimensions. Please specify exact model helicopter when inquiring about the sling. Two base models are featured here, however, we can tailor a Sling to your exact requirements.

Small, Jet RangerLarge, UH-1/H-60
LSI Part No. RS-1455-JR RS-1455-UH
Rated Capacity 5,000 lbs 5,000 lbs
Relative Working Load 600 lbs 600 lbs