Rope, BlueWater Enduro 11mm

Enduro Tactical Dynamic 11mm Climbing Rope - perfect for general Military or Industrial applications. New 40 carrier braid construction - thickest sheath to core ratio. These have the highest UIAA fall rating in the world for their size.

LSI Product ID: res-2010-length

AID Model: 590000

The BlueWater Enduro 11mm Tactical Dynamic Climbing Rope is designed for lead climbing above a rigging point. This unique rope has many of the attributes of the best low stretch ropes, with the exceptional shock absorbing capabilities of a dynamic rope. New 40 carrier braid construction with the thickest sheath to core ratio (43/57) on the market, it yields a rope with abrasion resistance never before seen in a dynamic climbing rope.

A UIAA fall rating of 16 falls with a weight of only 77 grams per meter makes this the perfect rope for general Military or Industrial applications requiring a dynamic rope.


Diameter 11 mm
Impact Force 8.5 kN
Static Enlongation 9.1%
Dynamic Elongation 34.3%
UIAA Falls / Grams per Meter
16 / 77
Tensile Strength 5500/24.4 MBS (lbf/kN)
Sheath Slippage 0
Colors Black w/OD, OD w/Black, Urban Gray w/Black, Coyote Brown w/Black