Rescue Can

Features 6 conveniently located hand grips are secure and comfortable to grasp, helping to calm the panicky swimmer in trouble. Tough Shark Skin surface holds a film of water which reduces drag. Orange color assures visibility.

LSI Product ID: res-2054-00

28" Rescue Can with a 6' tow line and shoulder harness. Its molded from lightweight, hard plastic with 6 handles molded into the sides and rear, which allow the victim and rescuers to maintain a firm, comfortable grip during rescue. The tough Shark Skin surface holds a film of water which reduces drag through the surf and permits it to actually glide on the water! Bright Day-Glo Orange helps to assure a more visible contact from guard station to station. Pocket Mask (not included) may be secured in recessed body cavity with quick release Velcro straps.

Ideal for use at surf-beaches by qualified Lifeguard and Water Rescue personnel. According to the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), "The rescue flotation device (RFD) has become the principal piece of rescue equipment used by professional lifeguards in the United States."