Light, Survivor Locator, LNK-AL15

LSI Product ID: sig-1503

The LNK-AL15 is an FAA approved water-activated LED survivor locator light that is approved for use on life vests or life preservers in order to indicate the location of survivors in water as a result of an aviation related accident. The lamp and lens combo of the LNK-AL15 produce a powerful light that will last for a minimum of 8 hours after activation with a minimum light intensity of 1 cd. Throughout its entire operational life, the light will continuously output a steady white light to clearly indicate a survivor’s location and increase the probability of rescue.

The LNK-AL15 light is available under the three different part numbers listed below which correspond with different wire lengths. The ability to offer multiple wire lengths provides a greater level of flexibility for different installation scenarios. The LNK-AL15 available wire lengths are 9”, 18”, and 24”.

LSI Part Numbers:

SIG-1503-09 – 9” (23 cm) Wire Length

SIG-1503-18 – 18” (46 cm) Wire Length

SIG-1503-24 – 24” (61 cm) Wire Length


Features and Benefits:

  • High Efficiency LED Bulb
  • Simple Life Jacket Integration
  • Ultra Small and Light Weight Design
  • Water Activated (Fresh and Salt Water)
  • Indefinite Battery Storage Life*

*Assuming light does not accidentally come into contact with water and is stored as per stated storage requirements

Spec Sheet
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