Air Drop Support for Multi Mission Aircraft Aiding in Rescue Situations/ Natural Disasters / Emergency Relief

Life Support International, a world-wide manufacturer and distributor of life support equipment, survival and tactical gear, safety and rescue equipment, will be presenting on next generation UNI-PAC developments at the SAFE Europe Conference, this year in Cheshire, UK.

The UNI-PAC is a semi-rigid fully adjustable cylindrical canister designed to be deployed from the side door, tail ramp or bomb bay of various aircraft to provide life raft and survival equipment to survivors until they can be permanently rescued.  The UNI-PAC has been accepted and proven by SAR communities as a safe, accurate, reliable and cost-effective Air Drop Search & Rescue System, and to date the UNI-PAC is in use in over 16 countries worldwide.

In natural disaster rescue situations, the UNI-PAC has the capability to air drop water, food, clothing, shelter and medical supplies to vast waters or remote or inaccessible areas. The UNI-PAC was recently used in rescue efforts in December 2017 for fisherman in India impacted by the cyclone Ochhi and systems were deployed from the Indian Airforce P8 aircraft.

Dependent upon operational requirement, the UNI-PAC can be configured with various life raft and survival equipment.

By using the UNI-PAC and established techniques, flight crew can achieve the repeatable accuracy of consecutive drops. The system has undergone extensive and successful testing by the U.S. Navy and was approved for use in the P8 Aircraft in 2017. Since then several SAR operations have been conducted with the UNI-PAC fitted.

A larger version of the UNI-PAC is currently undergoing further test and evaluation with larger life raft & life support equipment. 

Life Support International is a sustaining Corporate Member of the SAFE Association.  SAFE Europe is an  annual Symposium and exhibition provides an excellent forum for the exchange of information between Industry, Government Procurement agencies and Research Establishments in the field of Survival and Flight Equipment for both Military and Civil applications. SAFE (Europe) has the fundamental aim of encouraging safety and survival through technical excellence by encouraging and stimulating dialogue between professional agencies, specialist equipment producers and the worldwide user community.