In trials conducted off the Southwest coast, a Royal Air Force (RAF) P8 Poseidon dropped a UNIPAC-III SAR kit from its weapons bay into the sea. The semi-rigid aerial delivery container activates when impacting the water to provide an inflatable life raft & survival equipment for survivors.

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On Tuesday June, 21, 2022, elements of the U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command (USASOAC) conducted a live overwater training event at Joint Base Lewis-McCord (JBLM).  USASOAC utilizes LSI’s HARD-20 system during any overwater mission.

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Life Support International's High Altitude Wing Kit (HAWK) is expanding search and rescue capabilities for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). The HAWK provides Search and Rescue solutions for various UAV models and is available in three sizes: Falcon, Osprey, and Eagle, with survival equipment tailored for land, desert, water, or icy conditions.

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The crew of a P-8A Poseidon aircraft from Patrol Squadron (VP) 45 located a missing mariner and his vessel during a Search and Rescue (SAR) operation Jan 17.

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“There’s no other rescue capability like it in the world,” Lee McDowall, Royal Australian Air Force.

Life Support International's UNI-PAC III Search and Rescue Kit supplies critical life saving equipment to downed survivors in emergency situations.

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