Featured Products of the Month

October 2021



As our flagship product, Life Support International has supplied the UNI-PAC series to 16 international militaries over the past 20+ years. The UNI-PAC II is an all-in-one, airdropable search & rescue kit that can be customized to support rescue missions in various environments with anywhere from 8-18 survivors. The universal system is  configured for tail ramp, bomb bay, and side door deployment, making it functional for use on several aircraft applications. To find out more about the UNI-PAC II, please click the link below.



August 2021


Billy Pugh Helicopter Rescue Nets

Designed for use in the harshest environments, Billy Pugh nets offer a safe means of pick-up and transport of personnel and/or survivors by helicopter. Because of the ease of use and the quality design, Billy Pugh helicopter rescue nets have become standard issue on all U.S. Navy helicopters and are widely used by Police and Fire Departments around the world. LSI is proud to be the exclusive authorized distributor for Billy Pugh’s helicopter rescue equipment.



July 2021


Deployable Emergency Communications Kit (DECK)


Part of the world’s largest commercial
satellite communication constellation, the DECK is an Iridium®-based communications kit designed for
emergency personnel responding to a disaster. Due to the unique configuration
of the network, it will allow services to continue and remain unaffected by
natural disasters which can cripple terrestrial infrastructure. It consists of
4 tracking devices and 1 satellite phone device, as well as other supporting accessories which are
all protected by a Pelican protector case.

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June 2021



The UNI-PAC III system is a semi-rigid aerial delivery container that is designed to be stored and released from the P-8 Poseidon weapons bay to provide an inflatable life raft & survival equipment for survivors in a water rescue scenario. The system consists of a 20-person life raft & survival aids to support 30 occupants for up to 72 hours, as well as a parachute deployment system that allows the system to be accurately dropped from the P-8.