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What is Try Decide Buy?

Try-Decide-Buy (TDB) is a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides support to authorized customers for all commercial equipment and supplies necessary to perform their missions. Performance requirements for specific commercial items are defined in requirements documents, and Statement of Works (SOW)s which are sent to the program awardees in packages called delivery orders (DO)s.

In order to meet the challenge of rapidly fielding the latest commercial items and acquiring equipment at competitive rates, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Agile Combat Support Directorate, Human Systems Program Office (AFLCMC/WNU) awarded a multiple award TDB IDIQ contract in Aug 2019 in order to streamline the acquisition timeline, and re-allocate available funds with cost saving rates. The TDB program has 11 qualified businesses/contractors that are capable of executing TDB deliveries.

The primary purpose of the contract vehicle is to provide support to authorized customers for all operational equipment, supplies, and related incidental services necessary to perform their missions. This IDIQ allows for the rapid acquisition of commercial items and fielding the latest commercial technology. Users include Air Force (AF) Active Duty, AF Reserve, Air National Guard, and Department of Defense (DoD) joint warfighters. It is hoped that once the program matures other agencies will be included.

The individual DOs (competed under Fair Opportunity Proposal Requests (FOPR) IAW FAR 16.505) the TDB Statement of Work (SOW), and performance specifications will stipulate the requirements and details required to meet the government’s needs. Each order placed by the government will be accompanied by a detailed SOW, data requirements, performance specification, and funding. Once orders are competed and placed on contract, the contractor executes in accordance with work statements on those orders e.g., program management, administration, financial and technical resources, required materials, and also facilitate and be responsible for the planning, execution, and control to accomplish the tasks and sub-tasks outlined in the DO.

The following is a list of representative items that may be acquired under this contract:

+ Uniforms
+ Cold Weather Clothing
+ Systems
+ Visual Augmentation Equipment
+ Personal Protective Equipment
+ Helmets
+ Body Armor
+ Tactical Carriers
+ Individual Equipment
+ Lighting
+ Survival Equipment
+ Air Crew Support Equipment
+ Communication Equipment
+ Tactical Equipment
+ Load Bearing Equipment
+ Lethality Support Items
+ Boots
+ Gloves
+ Eye Protection
+ Egress Equipment
+ Aerial Insertion Equipment
+ Search & Rescue Equipment
+ Personnel Recovery Equipment
+ Medical Equipment
+ Bladder Relief Equipment
+ Power Management Hydration
+ Electronics Test Equipment
+ Ancillary Services and Testing as applicable.

 This list is not all inclusive. Each DO provide the supplier the exact items to be acquired. Thus contractors/suppliers are expected to furnish supplies to the customers, meeting the required delivery dates specified in each DO. When appropriate, contractors are also expected to consider additional factors that will accommodate expedited requirements; such as meeting mission capable orders, urgent and/or emergency orders, as well as shipping and handling timelines.

Contractors ensure all products/components provided under this contract are in accordance with the Buy American Act and Berry Amendment, as applicable. Contractors shall only provide end items that are manufactured or substantially transformed in the United States or a qualifying or designated country, as set forth in FAR 25.003 and DFARS 225.003. Additionally, there are other procurement restrictions set forth that require the contractor to manage all parts of the process.

Thus, TDB program is a vehicle so that government organization can purchase Commercial- Off-The-Shelf (COTS), modified COTS, or needed items to ensure most current technology and equipment is fielded. For this program, 11 contractors have been vetted and approved by the government to participate and supply COTS or modified COTS solutions for the next 5 years.

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For More Information About the TDB Program and How your Company Can Partner with LSI, Please Contact LSI's TDB Project Manager:

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