Coveralls, Nomex Flyer's CWU 73/P

Nomex Flyer's CWU 27/P coveralls are one piece garments fabricated from flame retardant Nomex®. Manufactured to MIL-C-83141A.

LSI Product ID: clo-1130-00

AID Milspec: MIL-C-83141A

These aviator flight coveralls, CWU-73/P, are one piece garments fabricated from polyamide cloth, a high temperature resistant, inherently flame retardant Nomex® synthetic fabric with no hot melt point or drip characteristics. The lightweight (4.2 ounce/square yard) fabric will not support combustion, but will begin to char at 700° to 800° degrees Fahrenheit. MIL-C-83141A

The fabric has abrasion resistance similar to nylon. The coveralls contain an anti-static finish and are furnished in twenty-four different sizes and three lengths (Short, Regular, Long.)

Colors available:
  • Navy Blue (LSI P/N: CLO-1130-size) - Note: Navy Blue also referred to as model CWU-73/P
  • Sage Green (LSI P/N: CLO-1000-size)
  • Black (LSI P/N: CLO-1004-size)
  • Desert Tan (LSI P/N: CLO-1031-size)
Closure of LSI flight coveralls is provided with a slide fastener and slide pass-throughs, a bi-swingback, hook and pile fastener tape size adjustments for the waist and sleeves, and a slide fastener size adjustment on each leg terminal. The sleeves on the coveralls shall always be worn down and closed at the wrist to ensure maximum fire protection.