Life Raft, 8 Man MPLR

Designed and developed to comply with MIL-PRF-1894F(AS), provides out-of-water support for persons forced to abandon aircraft at sea. Carried aboard the aircraft and is either automatically or manually ejection in the event of a soft landing.

LSI Product ID: flo-3608-00

This inflatable life raft, designed and developed to comply with MIL-PRF-18494F (AS), provides out-of-water support for persons forced to abandon an aircraft at sea. It is carried aboard the aircraft in the compartments provided and is either automatically or manually ejected out of the aircraft in the event of a soft landing. The valise is a case for storing and carrying the packed raft (upper section) and its' rigid survival equipment container (lower).

The inflation medium is CO2 with an additional small charge of N2 , which expands after release from the cylinder when the seal is broken by the force of the pull. The raft will inflate to a boardable condition in 60 seconds governed by the ambient temperatures. The inflated tubes are divided into two independent assemblies: the top comprises of the raft top tube and canopy; the bottom comprises the bottom tube and boarding ramp. If one system fails to inflate or sustains a leak, it will not affect the inflation of the other system.

The sea anchor is automatically deployed at inflation. This and the wind will pull the raft into the direction of the waves thus reducing the possibility of capsizing and making it easy to board from the stern inflated boarding ramp. The raft can be paddled to facilitate reaching other survivors, a rescue craft or to make a landfall using paddles, located in the accessory container secured to the floor.

Standard Features of the Joint Service Life Raft
  • 4.5 ft2 Capacity per person (3.0 ft2 with Overload Capacity)
  • Twin Tube
  • Self-erecting Canopy
  • Boarding Ramp
  • Boarding Ladders
  • Rainwater Collection System
  • Automatic Sea Anchor Deployment
  • Buoyant
  • Polyurethane Heat Sealed Construction
  • Reflective Strips (on exterior of raft)
  • Weight: 60 lbs (Raft Only), 120 lbs (with Equipment)
  • Rigid Drop & Drag Standards
Unique Features of Patten Life Rafts
  • Inflates Right Side Up
  • The ONLY Multi-Place Raft that can be Maneuvered
  • Inflatable Seat to keep Survivors out of Water
  • Survival Kit Access
  • Variable Size Adjusting Container
  • Environmental Packaging Available
  • Soldier-proof Hard Case Available
8-Man Life Raft P/N FLO-3608-00
12-Man Life Raft P/N FLO-3612-00
Construction MIL-PRF-18494F (AS)
Material Polyurethene Coated Nylon in accordance with MIL-C-83489
Weight 8-Man: 60 lbs; 12-Man: 83 lbs
Packed Dimensions 34" Long x 20" Wide x 18" High
Operating Temperature 0° F to 160° F
Altitude 42,000 feet
Buoyancy Twin Tube
Size Deployable through 22" x 22" Escape Hatch
Inflation System Single Cylinder Dual Manifold Zero Leak Inflations, CO2 charge with Nitrogen for Cold Water Inflation
Air Drop SAR Version Available
Static Line Version Available